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  • How to Use GreatMagazines Promotional Codes

    Read up for less at Great Magazines

    Great Magazines carries all of your favourite magazines at a discount. Whether your interests range from golfing to cars to gardening, you'll find great magazines at great prices, plus UK delivery is free!

    Select your magazines

    Click "add to basket" when you've found the magazine you want to order; note you can only use a promotional code when paying by card. Click "proceed to checkout" on the next page once you've taken a look at your basket and you're happy with the details of your order.

    Add a Great Magazines code

    Open the Promotional Codes site and find the Great Magazines code you'd like to use, then click "view code & open site." Copy your code and paste it in the voucher code box at Great Magazines. Scroll up to choose your issue start date, then click "continue."

    Your details

    Add in your billing info, then click "continue." Choose your delivery details (to your address or if it's a gift), then click "continue" again.


    Now it's time to type in your card information and click "continue." Review your order one last time, then click "submit order." Your magazines will be sent out for your reading enjoyment!
  • GreatMagazines Customer Reviews

    Saved £££ on my favourite magazines
    Great Magazines is just what the name says - great! My husband hates it, but I'm addicted to magazines. We get so many of them, an...Show more
  • How to use GreatMagazines Codes
  • Shopping Tips for GreatMagazines

    Offers and Deals for You

    Free Delivery

    All GreatMagazines subscriptions are delivered free of charge within the UK. So if you’re comparing prices between different magazine subscription suppliers, it might be worth paying a few pence more per magazine to buy your subscription from GreatMagazines, instead of paying less to buy each magazine from a different subscription retailer who charges you for postage and packaging on top.

    Welcome Gifts

    Loads of the GreatMagazines subscriptions come with free gifts related to the magazines, like free lipstick with Heat and a free organic horse care set with Your Horse. These gifts come at no extra cost to you, but you can sometimes get a cheaper price if you opt for one of the other subscription offers which don’t include the welcome gift. So, again, if you’re comparing prices between different magazine subscription suppliers and the freebie is of interest to you, it might be worth paying a little extra to take out a subscription with GreatMagazines so you can benefit from the free gift.

    Leaving Discount

    When GreatMagazines thinks you’re going to leave the website without buying anything, a popup will appear offering you a 10%-20% discount code. To get this code, you need to type your email address into the box, which means you’re also signing up for the newsletter. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to receive regular emails from GreatMagazines, you can unsubscribe as soon as you’ve used the promo code. To make the leaving discount appear, click on a few pages of the site and then move your mouse over the cross in the top corner of the page, as if you were going to close your browser. If that doesn’t work, click around on a few tabs and then return to the GreatMagazines tab.

    Direct Debit Discount

    Whenever you take out a magazine subscription with GreatMagazines, you should definitely pay for it by direct debit. When pay this way, you’ll get a cheaper price than you’d get if you chose to pay via debit card, credit card or PayPal. For some magazines, you’ll also be given the option of how often you’d like to be charged via direct debit. If you have this option, always choose the annual payment, since this one works out best value for money.

    Discounted Second Promotion

    If you’re planning on signing up for two subscriptions, it might work out cheaper if you take them both out with GreatMagazines. Many of the subscriptions on the site offer a £10 discount on the second subscription’s basic annual rate which is the rate you’d pay if you went to the supermarket and bought the magazine directly off the shelf.

    Free Digital Trials

    If you’ve already got a traditional paper magazine subscription with GreatMagazines, you’re entitled to a free digital trial for your tablet or mobile device. If it’s a monthly subscription you’ve got, you’ll get three months free and if it’s a weekly subscription you’ve got, you’ll get a six week free trial. You don’t have to worry about cancelling your digital subscription. When it runs out, you’ll be contacted by GreatMagazines asking if you want to continue with it. If you don’t want to carry on paying for it, your digital subscription will automatically be cancelled and you’ll never be charged for it.
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