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The days of trekking to the DVD rental shop in the pouring rain are long-gone. Standing around in front of racks of films, throwing a minor tantrum because the latest blockbuster is out of stock has gone the way of the dodo. Instead, LOVEFILM offers all the latest movies, right alongside many of those old favourites. With more than 70,000 titles to choose from, LOVEFILM has something for everyone, no matter the occasion. RomComs for a girls' night in, horror to bring the scares to any dark living room, comedies to share some pizza and giggles with friends -- they're all available at Founded in 2004, LOVEFILM has proven itself to be the UK's favourite movie rental service, both for convenience and vast range of titles. In 2011, the service joined forces with to allow subscribers to take advantage of online streaming capabilities. The service is incredibly simple to use: subscribers simply choose a package that best suits their lifestyle and viewing habits, and they have immediate access to both streaming and home delivery entertainment options. Subscription available include the Light Use package, which allows 2 hours of screening and 3 delivered discs per month; the Film Lovers package, which includes unlimited streaming and unlimited discs; and the Film & Games package, which provides unlimited access to films, TV, and games both online and delivered. Movie buffs can grab their popcorn and begin enjoying the service immediately with promotional codes from PCUK adding even more savings to sweeten their experience. » more

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This free trial lasts for one month and gives you unlimited access to DVD and Blu-ray rental.

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How to use LOVEFiLM Promotional Codes

  1. Stay entertained with Lovefilm

    No need to head to a rental store if you can watch streaming films straight from home with Lovefilm! They've also got TV shows and video games available, so whether you want to stream them directly or have DVDs or Blu-rays posted to your home, you'll have fun watching and save some money, too.

  2. Choose a plan

    From the homepage click “packages and pricing,” then review the different monthly packages offered. Click on the one you’d like to use, then click “start free trial.”

  3. Your details

    Enter your contact information and choose a password, then scroll down to find the box to add your code.

  4. Use a promo code

    Click the "do you have a promotion code?" link and then a box will appear. Open in a new window and find the Lovefilm code you'd like to use. Copy it and head back to Lovefilm to paste the code in the box, then click "apply." Your discount will appear once the page refreshes.

  5. Payment

    You'll need to add a credit card, even if you decide not to continue past the free trial - you won't be charged if you cancel before the trial ends. Enter your card info, then type in the letters that appear (to make sure you aren't a computer) and click "get started." Follow the instructions on how to start using your account, and that's it! Now you can watch new films and play games without leaving home!

LOVEFiLM Customer Reviews offers only good choice for movie rentals

As technology and multimedia advance, it seems I watch fewer and fewer movies and television programmes. In fact, I didn't even realize the video store in town had closed until recently when I decided I
really needed to rent a DVD. Their selection had always been pretty rubbish, but I was still upset to learn they had closed over a year ago. When I complained about my inability to rent a video locally, a
colleague of mine suggested I try I had heard of this service in years past, and I've had friends who have received subscriptions as gifts and really liked them, but I'd never really thought it
was for me. Well, considering the lack of DVD rental in my area, I really had no choice but to consider it. First off, I thought the 2-week free trial was classy. It's really easy. You either sign up for videos you want sent to you or you can download your selections right to your laptop. I'm having the DVDs sent to my house, and it's been so quick and easy to receive and send back my selections. I've watched movies I've been wanting to see for years, as well as many I never knew existed before I signed on with I highly recommend it.

Don't know why I didn't join Lovefilm sooner!

My wife and I are big film buffs and we routinely rent DVDs of movies as well as our favourite TV series. I was a bit skeptical of joining Lovefilm since I didn’t want to wait for my DVDs to arrive in the post, but when I found out that you can watch films online or streamed to your TV or PS3 as well, I thought I’d give it a go.

The website was simple to navigate and signing up for the free 14 day trial took just a few moments. Once the trail period was over we signed up for the film lovers package at 9.99 per month for unlimited streaming/online and one DVD out at a time. You can also rent video games, which is great for our teenage son. Now we don’t have to spend loads of money on new games since he usually tires of them quickly anyway.

I love that there are no late fees unlike the rental store. The one downside is that every film is not available streaming but the system by post is a lot better than I expected. You can return the DVDs whenever you like so there is no rush to watch something if you’re having a busy week. If you send a DVD back and request another one, it will usually arrive within two days. Maybe it’s not instant but for the low monthly price of unlimited films you really can’t beat Lovefilm.

I'm finally catching up on all those missed flicks

This site is great for getting you started on all the movie watching you’ve been wanting to do in recent years but haven’t. Ever since our kids were born, we’ve seen about 2 movies in the cinema. It’s the one thing I can’t seem to justify getting a babysitter for: movies. And yet I really miss them. Lovefilm is a great membership service that allows you to get loads of your must-see delivered right to your door. I love it.

Great if you have the time to watch loads of movies

Lovefilm is a great idea in theory, but only if you use it often! I've been finding that I pay the 9.99 a month but rarely use the service. There's nothing wrong with the service itself; Lovefilm doesn't always have everything I want on streaming, but if they don't I can usually get the DVD posted to us, which works just fine. But if you're only watching one film a month, it's quite a lot to pay about 10 quid for a rental. I suppose I should look into a lower package like the 'light use' since that would better suit my needs.

Make sure you sign up for the right package for you

We signed up for Lovefilm in the summer and I was really excited about it at first, especially because it was really quick to sign up online and get started. The excitement wore off though, and at first I thought Lovefilm was rubbish, since I rarely used it and we were paying for the unlimited package for nothing, essentially. Paying over 11 quid per month when you might watch one film or sometimes none seemed silly.

Well I downgraded to the occasional treat package and for some reason found myself using Lovefilm more. I actually had to go back up to unlimited, because we were going over every month! Go figure. At least its easy to switch your package online and their service has been fine. No problems with getting my DVDs sent quickly and they always send the right ones. I just wish they had a better variety when it comes to streaming. My wife has some American shows she likes to watch that we don't get here, so it's nice to get those on Lovefilm at least. My kids like the video games, and now I don't have to buy them the latest games for 50 quid every time they come out so that's the worth the subscription alone.

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Thanks to the free LOVEFiLM trial, you can give the movie rental service a try without risking any cash. This free trial lasts for one month and gives you unlimited access to DVD and Blu-ray rental. When you sign up, you’ve got to provide payment info. If you already have an Amazon account, you’ll have already provided your payment info and won’t be asked again. So if you don’t cancel your subscription within the first 30 days, you’ll be charged to continue using the service for every month after. If you decide LOVEFiLM isn’t quite right for you, be sure to cancel your subscription before your free trial is up to avoid unwanted charges further down the line.
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