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  • How to Use Lufthansa Promotional Codes

    Search for international flights on Lufthansa

    Booking a flight online is easy: just go to, enter your travel information into the “Flights” window on the home page, and click “Search Flights.”

    Choose flight dates

    Lufthansa will use the information you provided to find flights available on the date(s) you entered, as well as a few days before and a few days after. Tick a circle on the grid that matches up with your desired departing and returning flight dates. Click “Continue.”

    Choose flight times

    A list of flight times and prices for your departure and return dates will now appear. Select the ones you want by ticking the appropriate circle, and then click “Continue to Fare Review.”

    Review your selected flight(s)

    Look over your flight times, dates, duration and costs. If everything looks good, scroll down to the login section.

    Log into or create an account

    Lufthansa customers can enter their User-ID and password to sign into their account. Otherwise, tick the “Booking Without Registration” circle and click “Continue.”

    Enter passenger information

    Fill out the “Passenger Details” form with your name, telephone number and email address. Click “Continue” when finished.

    Find a promotional code at our website

    Browse Promotional Codes UK for available Lufthansa discounts. Found the perfect one? Just click “View Code & Open Site” and copy the code that appears.

    Add Rail&Fly (optional) and promo code

    Return to Lufthansa’s website, and check the box if you wish to purchase a Rail&Fly Ticket. Then, down in the “Voucher” section, paste or enter your promotional code in the field provided. Click “Apply Voucher and Reduce Fare.”

    Select and enter payment info and reserve your flight

    Tick the appropriate circle to either pay for your flight online or reserve it. To pay by credit card, tick “Pay Now” and the circle next to the type of card you want to use. When the credit card information fields pop up, fill them out. Scroll down to complete the “Payer’s Contact Details” form. Select a “Delivery or Identification” option from the dropdown menu. Finally, check the “Terms and Conditions” box and click “Buy Ticket Now” to complete your order. Your Lufthansa flight is now booked and paid for. Travel safe!
  • How to use Lufthansa Codes
  • Shopping Tips for Lufthansa

    Offers and Deals for You

    Free Baggage

    Free checked baggage is included in the cost of all Lufthansa flights. If you’re travelling in economy class, you can take one 23kg checked bag and one piece of 8kg hand luggage with you for free. Very few airlines nowadays include checked baggage in the price of the flight, so keep this in mind if you’re searching for the best value deal. As well as the free checked baggage, you can also take one piece of ski or snowboarding equipment with you for free, as long as you register it with the Lufthansa Service Centre no later than 23 hours before you fly.

    Free Seat Reservation

    Another freebie Lufthansa offers that many other airlines don’t is the chance to reserve your seat without having to pay a single penny. Standard seats are free for all passengers to reserve (whichever class you’re travelling in) but you don’t get to choose your exact seat. You can only select a window, centre or aisle seat. You can also reserve an extra legroom seat, but this comes with an additional charge.

    Loyalty Programme

    Miles & More

    If you’re always flying with Lufthansa, you could save a small fortune and open up a world of benefits by signing up for their loyalty programme, Miles & More. This reward scheme gives you points every time you travel with Lufthansa (or any other Star Alliance airline and their many partner companies) which you can spend on everything from free flights, upgrades and hotel stays to car rental, dining out and gifts. Miles & More members also get many other exclusive benefits, including discounts from Star Alliance partner companies, point boosting offers and deals you can use to rank higher in the loyalty programme without meeting the usual requirements. To sign up for the loyalty programme, click the ‘Miles & More’ link in the top navigation bar, click on ‘Enrolment’ and fill out the form.

    Extra Money Saving Tips

    Best Price Search

    If you’re on the lookout for the cheapest Lufthansa flights available, you’ll find them by hovering over the ‘Flights & Deals’ link in the top navigation bar, clicking on ‘Best Price Search’ and using the search engine that appears to search for your flights. This search engine covers more than 90 of the airline’s most popular destinations and will show you the very cheapest fares available. Remember, if you’re flexile with travel dates, you might be able to save a bit more if you’re willing to travel a few days either side of your original travel dates.

    Best Price Alert

    If you’re not happy with the prices you’ve found via the best price search, sign up for best price alerts by typing your email address into the box below your best price search results and hitting the ‘Subscribe Now’ button. When you sign up, you’ll receive one email each week, detailing the best price overview for the route you’re interested in, plus an immediate notification if any cheaper fares suddenly come available. You can opt out of the newsletter at any time and you’re not obliged to book with Lufthansa just because you signed up for email alerts.
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