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Find the cheapest available train fares with My Train Ticket, then just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Whether booking a trip within the UK, on Eurostar, or for destinations on the continent, My Train Ticket is an easy-to-navigate ticket booking site that guides you through the process. Its best fare finder will identify the cheapest train tickets for your journey, with savings of up to 80% possible on advance bookings. Use the My Train Ticket online site to get advice on the best ways to save money when booking train tickets and potentially save significant amounts, money that could be put towards the next trip. Have train tickets delivered by first-class post direct to your home, or collect them free of charge from over 1000 stations in the UK. On some routes tickets can be printed at home. With My Train Ticket book multiple journeys in one transaction, reserve seats, or opt to have a journey reminder sent by text to a mobile phone. Add the Plusbus option to save on bus journeys at your destination, or if staying overnight, book a hotel room when purchasing your train tickets. My Train Ticket can help reduce the cost of train travel, and by checking for offers and promotion codes prior to purchase that train travel could be even cheaper. » more

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How to use MyTrainTicket Promotional Codes

  1. Go to the MyTrainTicket website

    Go to the MyTrainTicket website to shop for train tickets.

  2. Find a travel deal from MyTrainTicket

    MyTrainTicket sells inexpensive train tickets for National Rail, London Underground and nearly 300 Plusbus destinations. Enter your destination and travel dates in the “Train Times and Tickets” box on the left side of the screen. Click on “View Timetables” to see a list of trains and the times they depart, or select “Buy Train Tickets” to go directly to the selection screen.

  3. Select your tickets

    To select your time and ticket price, simply click in the small round circle. Then hit “Next.”

  4. Reserve your seats

    MyTrainTicket has several options for reserving your seat. Click in the round orange circles to pick seating arrangements. If your destination has a PlusBus station, you will also have the option to select a PlusBus ticket—just click in the small green squares. When done, click the orange “Continue” button in the “My Basket” window on the right side of the screen.

  5. Ticket collection and promotion code entry

    Use the dropdown menu to select the station at which you want to collect your train ticket. Below is the area for entering an additional promotion code if you have one. Check the orange box, and enter your code in the field that appears. When complete, click on “Go to Payment.”

  6. Enter payment info

    Fill out the “Payment Details” screen with your credit card info, name, and address. Click the “Pay Securely Now” button and you’re done. Your tickets will be at the station you selected!

MyTrainTicket Customer Reviews

Service here is great for saving you money

This ticketing site is really good for giving me an idea of what train fare will cost. It’s really well designed, and you can save a lot by booking ahead through here rather than waiting to pay full fare at the train station. The interface makes it easy to input your requirements and get the information and tickets you seek. I used this last week for a trip from Plymouth to Bath, and I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. I think it go it for under a tenner, which is amazing as far as I’m concerned.

Shopping Tips for MyTrainTicket

Extra money saving tips

Book in advance

One of the easiest ways of saving money on train tickets is to book as early as possible. Train tickets are usually available to book up to 12 weeks ahead and when you book this far in advance, you’ll pay a much cheaper price than if you waited just a couple of days before you wanted to travel before you booked. Since there are only a small number of discounted advance tickets available, you’ll need to be quick if you want to pay the cheapest prices.

Buy a Railcard

Another great way of saving some extra cash is to buy a Railcard instead of ordinary tickets. By travelling with a Railcard, you’ll save on average 33% on adult fares, 34% on family fares and 60% on child fares, although first class travel is not always included. Heavily discounted Senior Railcards for people aged 65+ are also available, as well as 16-25 Railcards for students.

Buy Carnets

If you regularly make the same journey but don’t travel every single day, you could save some serious cash by buying Carnets in place of standard tickets. Carnets provide excellent value for money, although not many people seem to be aware of them. These Carnets essentially give you one or more journeys for free when you buy a chunk of them together, such as ten train journeys for the price of nine or six journeys for the price of five. Carnets are usually valid for up to six months, so make sure you’ll definitely get to use up all your journeys during the six-month period you buy one.

Buy Groupsave tickets

When you travel in a small group, you’re best off buying Groupsave tickets. These tickets are available on most routes for three or four travellers and work out much cheaper than buying ordinary tickets as if you were travelling separately.

Split your ticket

If you’re travelling over a large distance, splitting your ticket can save you a huge chunk of money. Splitting your ticket means inside of buying a direct ticket from London to Edinburg, you split your ticket up into three – London to Preston, Preston to Carlisle then Carlisle to Edinburg. Buying tickets for several smaller journeys usually works out much cheaper than paying for one long journey. However, the major downfall of booking your tickets this way is that you need to be on each train at a specific time. If your first train is late and makes you miss your second train, you’ll need to buy new tickets for all your following journeys.

Be flexible with times

If you’re not travelling on the train for work, it will definitely pay to be flexible with your journey times and avoid travelling during peak times – between 6.30am and 9.30am and again between 3:30pm and 6:30pm. Not only will avoiding these times help you save cash, but you’ll also enjoy your journey a lot more since the train will be much less crowded.
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