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The latest low-cost mobile phones on the market can now be found easily at Onestopphoneshop. With many of their handsets free and a majority available with either cash back or line rental discounts, Onestopphoneshop offer prices and deals that are hard to beat. The latest Apple iPhone 6s to Samsung Galaxy Core Prime can be found on the site. There is also a selection of free gifts ranging from the latest game consoles and tablets to LCD TVs for those who chose monthly contracts. Offering many deals and special offers that change on a regular basis, Onestopphoneshop makes it pay off to keep an eye on the website. The staff are always happy to help, and provide information for the latest new phones. Buying online has never been easier with fantastic customer service. Onestopphoneshop’s products and phones feature the most advanced platforms and built-in technologies at unmissable prices. » more

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How to use Onestopphoneshop Promotional Codes

  1. Visit One Stop Phone Shop online for great deals on phones and plans

    Whether you are looking for the latest smart phone or a plan that allows you to pay as you go, has it all. When you stop by the One Stop phone Shop website, you will find a wide selection on the latest models, and get free shipping on your order.

  2. Look for phones and plans

    You can navigate the One Stop Phone Shop homepage to find the phones and services you need. Simply click on the products you are interested in purchasing, or enter a keyword in the product search bar in the middle of the left side of the page.

  3. Put items in your basket

    After selecting an item and learning more on the next page, click on the "Buy" button next to it to place it in your basket. You can also select plan features and customization options by clicking "Buy."

  4. Select the best plan and additional options

    On the "Your Basket" page, you will be able to choose to switch to better plans and select insurance, gadgets and delivery options to customize your order.

  5. Get a money-saving promotional code

    Open another browser page and go to Enter One Stop Phone Shop in the search box, and select your code. Return to "Your Basket."

  6. Use your code

    In the middle of the "Your Basket" page, place your promotional code in the "Voucher" box and click on the "Add" button to calculate your discount. Click on "Continue" to go to the checkout process.

  7. Finalize your order

    Follow the prompts to log in and enter the requested information to complete the processing of your credit check and payment for your order.

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Offers and deals for you

Free phones

Many of the contracts on the Onestopphoneshop website come with a free smartphone. However, the cost of the phone is usually already incorporated into the price of the tariff, so you might find yourself paying a little more each month than you would have if you’d gone to another supplier which didn’t give you the phone for free. If you want to be sure you’re getting the best price possible, check out the current value of the smartphone online, then work out the cost of the entire contract. Minus the cost of the phone from the cost of the total contract and divide this number by the number of months in the contract – this will give you the price you’re paying per month for calls, texts and data. If you’re happy with this price, go for it!


One of the most common promotions you’ll see on the Onestopphoneshop website is for cashback. Since each cashback promotion is run separately by each company, you’ll need to carefully read the fine print in order to find out exactly what you have to do to get your money back. In most cases, you need to place several claims between set dates by providing specific documentation and filling out forms in certain ways. If you get the dates mixed up, don’t provide all the documentation or fill out the forms incorrectly, you won’t get any money back. So make sure you double check everything before submitting for cashback!

Free delivery

Everything you see on the Onestopphoneshop website is delivered free of charge within the UK. So if you’re comparing the prices between different smartphone retailers, it could work in your favour to pay a few pounds more to place your order with Onestopphoneshop and get free delivery, instead of buying the phone for less from another retailer and getting overcharged for postage and packaging.

Extra money saving tips

Recommend a friend

One of the easiest ways of earning some extra cash with Onestopphoneshop is to recommend a friend. Whenever you recommend someone who then goes on to sign up for a monthly contract, you’ll earn yourself £20. To recommend a friend, use your order number to log into the Onestopphoneshop website and locate your unique referral link. Take this link and share it everywhere you can – with friends and family via email and with the whole world via social media are good places to start. Then every time someone signs up for a contract by clicking on your link, you’ll be rewarded with £20. Keep in mind that you won’t receive your cheque until 45 days after the person you referred has made a purchase.

Sign up for the newsletter

Never miss out on another money saving offer ever again by signing up for the Onestopphoneshop newsletter. When you subscribe, the smartphone supplier will send you regular emails with unbeatable contract deals, free gift offers, the latest tech news, gadget reviews, giveaways you can enter to win all sorts of tech and exclusive deals only sent out to newsletter subscribers. If you get fed up of the emails, you can cancel your subscription whenever you like by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link found in each email.
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