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"Savvy shoppers can get discounts on hair and beauty products by browsing websites like Promotional Codes. Visit and 'like' the Promotional Codes Facebook page to keep up-to-date on the latest bargains." Read more »

American marriages have never been more precarious. But why do marriages fall apart, and how are families changing as a result? The following infographic, by Tiffany Farrant and, casts a piercing eye on the institution. Read more »

They referenced one of our blog posts, called the 10 signs that frugality has become compulsive hoarding. Read more »

They quote from one of our blog posts on extreme money saving ideas. Read more »


Top 100+ Personal Finance Blogs from - 25th The Money Saving Blog from Read more »


The Top 5 websites to help you save money after Christmas...2nd - - is updated with new promotion codes every single day, 365 days a year. Discover vouchers for everything from baby clothes to mobile phones! Read more »

Yorkshire Post

As we've mentioned previously, one of the most popular ideas for shopper and retailer alike is the promotional code. The research team at has collected the top online offers this week.
Read more »

Yorkshire Post

Many of us are in Christmas shopping mode in a big way this week, and for many retailers annual records will be broken despite some belt-tightening. Working with we have rounded up this week's best online offers as we all rush headlong into Christmas shopping. Read more »

Yorkshire Post

Online stores are showering shoppers with great offers and promotional codes. What's new this week? If you are shopping in December there's a good chance you'll have chocolates and flowers on the present list. Working with we have rounded up the Top Ten offers this week. Read more »

Yorkshire Post

More than ever before, online retailers are offering promotional codes to attract shoppers. Promotional codes have become a major incentive on the e-high street. These are simple codes that give us a better deal such as 5% or 10% off, or free delivery. Read more »

The Consumerist

"A money-saving-themed blog called, well, "Money Saving Blog," chooses not to gripe about the Christmas Creep and instead roll with it, putting together a well-crafted and comprehensive guide on how to avoid being hosed by the holidays." Read more »

"One drawback might be that we end up spending even more, not able to resist some of the last minute sales before Christmas. Here's some advice from the Money Saving blog on how to plan ahead" Read more »

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