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ProtectYourBubble recognises that every aspect of life is valuable and should be protected. Operating under Assurant Direct Limited, a fortune 500 company, ProtectYourBubble has been providing superior insurance to customers and their belongings since 2008. The have sold more than one million policies throughout the UK, Ireland and the US. Almost anything can be insured with ProtectYourBubble. Customers can rest assured that their valuables are secure with insurance for everything from ID theft protection to rental and gadget insurance. They understand that unexpected losses happen and ensure customers are covered when they do. Gadgets are used more and more in today's busy lifestyles and customers can protect all their gadgets for as little as £6.99 per month. The bicycle enthusiast is also covered, too, with comprehensive bicycle insurance that protects against theft, accidental damage, vandalism and more. No matter what a customer needs to cover, ProtectYourBubble has an insurance policy to protect it. Customers will enjoy a hassle-free experience that allows them to sign up online and be covered in less than two minutes. An expert customer service team is also available to help customers choose the right cover for them. ProtectYourBubble customers can choose to pay with credit card, PayPal or even direct debit. » more

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How to use ProtectYourBubble Promotional Codes

  1. Get an insurance quote at

    Shop travel, car, pet, electronic gadget and other insurance products at ProtectYourBubble. Find a policy you’re interested in, and click the green “Get a Quote” button to get started.

  2. List the items you want covered

    Fill out the form detailing the item you’re insuring, being careful to complete all asterisked fields. When finished, click “Next.”

  3. Review your policy

    Look over the summary of your insurance coverage, then choose a payment method by clicking the green “Select” button.

  4. Type in your personal information

    Add name, address, email etc. to the personal details form.

  5. Return to Promotional Codes UK for a discount

    Browse through the available promotional codes we’ve got for ProtectYourBubble. To select one, click “View Code & Open Site” and then copy the code that pops up.

  6. Enter your promo code at ProtectYourBubble

    Jump back to the “My Details” page at Press the blue “Enter Promotional Code” link at the bottom of the form, just below “Policy Start Date.” A field for a discount code will appear. Paste or enter your promo code here. Then press “Apply My Discount.” When the entire form is complete (make sure you tick the “Terms and Conditions” boxes on the right!) click “Next.”

  7. Enter payment and billing information

    Fill out the payment page with your credit card information, cardholder address, etc. The last thing you need to do to lock your insurance policy in is click “Submit Payment.” Now you’re covered!

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Offers and Deals for You

Multi-Gadget Discount

If you have a number of different gadgets you need to insure, it could be worth insuring them all with Protect Your Bubble so that you benefit from their multi-gadget discount. This special offer allows you to save a fair bit of cash every time you add another gadget to your policy, which could easily add up if you and your family own a few. If you insure two gadgets, you’ll save 10% on the total cost. Insure three gadgets and you’ll save 15% on the total cost. The Family Gadget policy is the best option if you’re planning on insuring four or more gadgets and will only set you back £12.99 each month. Each additional gadget you want to insure (up to a maximum of ten) on top of the first four will cost you an extra £3 per month.

Multi-Bike Discount

Similar to the multi-gadget discount, Protect Your Bubble’s multi-bike discount also gives you the chance to make some significant savings if you have multiple bikes you want to insure. If you insure two bikes, you’ll save 10% on the total policy price. Insure three bikes or more and you’ll save 15% on the total policy price.

Multi-Pet Discount

Although Protect Your Bubble doesn’t give you the opportunity to cover multiple pets in one single policy, you can get a special deal by signing up for several pet policies – one for each pet.  For every additional pet you take out a Protect Your Bubble insurance policy for, you’ll get an extra 5% discount. The multi-pet discount isn’t exclusive to a species – if you’re insuring one dog and one cat, you’ll still get the discount.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Follow Protect Your Bubble Online

Be in with the chance of winning all sorts of tech-related goodies by following Protect Your Bubble online. The insurance provider has active social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter where they post plenty of money saving tips, such as competitions you can enter to win mobile phones, prize draws for tickets to gadget events and discount codes you can use to save around 10% on new policies. Updates are only made a couple of times each week, so you don’t need to check in on more than a weekly basis in order to stay in the know.

14-Day Cooling Off Period

If you have a change of heart and decide that you don’t actually need an insurance policy, get in touch with Protect Your Bubble ASAP. As long as you send an email to [email protected] within 14 days of signing up for an insurance policy and tell the company that you want to cancel, you’ll receive a full refund. Of course, in order to get your money back, you can’t have claimed on the policy within the first fortnight of owning it.
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