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These days there's a comparison website for everything from hotels to holidays and insurance. Never before has it been easier to find the best deal for whatever it is that people need. Despite this, it was still difficult to find a trustworthy and reliable tradesman, until now. is the go-to source for hard-working, reliable tradesmen from plumbers to gardeners and landscapers. With over 50,000 tradesmen across the UK, it is now as simple as it should be to find a high-quality, trusted and, most importantly, highly rated tradesman who is given the stamp of approval by other satisfied homeowners. It gets even easier than that, as will do all the legwork. All a customer has to do is fill out a form stating what job they have and up to three highly rated tradesmen will get in touch. Even if someone is not sure what he or she needs in terms of home improvements, the website has an 'ask an expert' feature to sort that out. » more

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No more worrying about who's coming to the door

Use this site. I have tried getting tradesmen to the house several times for projects, but I often find that I have to hire three consecutive groups because, one after the other, they don’t show up. I’m fed up with it. So this sight is perfect as it takes the worry of credibility away. No more begging strangers to show up and do the work. Instead the professionals are here to serve you. This is a fantastic service and takes the hassle out of finding local tradespeople and asking for quotes.

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Remember to Cancel Your Account

If you’re signed up to Rated People as a tradesperson, it’s important you cancel your account if you stop using the website. If you don’t cancel, your membership will automatically be renewed and Rated People will carry on charging you for it. To cancel your account, visit the ‘Contact us’ page and fill out the form with ‘Cancellations’ as the query.

Pay for Your Membership Annually

If you’re a serious tradesman and want to sign up to Rated People for the long term, pay for your membership annually instead of monthly. When you pay monthly, you’re charged £15 per month – that’s £180 per year. But when you pay annually, you’re charged just £150 for the whole year – that’s a saving of £30.
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