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1&1 Internet is a web hosting company founded in 1998 by Ralph Dommermuth, offering a variety of domain, website and hosting solutions that include email, domain names, cloud hosting and much more. 1and1 Internet caters to private users as well as small and medium business enterprises, and manages over 19 million domain names. With superior customer service and the ability to try their services free for 30 days, it's no wonder that more and more customers are switching to 1&1 Internet.Customers will find domain names ranging in price from 99p for the first year and can take advantage of web hosting offers starting at just £2.99 for monthly payments. In addition to the many promotions and discounts already provided by 1&1 Internet, customers can use the promotional codes below to recognise even more savings. Customers can speak to expert customer service representatives for advice on the best way to reach their target audience, the right package for their business or private enterprise and more -- they can even try out one of the free webinars that are full of valuable information and tips. » more

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Free Domain Name

When you sign up for the 1&1 website builder or a hosting package, you’ll get your chosen domain name thrown in for free. You’ll only keep the domain name for as long as you continue to pay for the website builder or hosting. So if you don’t think you’ll use either of these for a long time, you’ll get better value for money by paying for the domain name separately.

Free WHOIS Private Registration

All 1&1 domain names come with free WHOIS private registration. When your domain name is registered privately, no one will be able to view your name, address or contact information online without you knowing by simply looking up your domain name. Very few hosting companies throw this important extra for free, so keep the value of it in mind when comparing prices.

Extra Money Saving Tips

First Year Discount

When you buy a domain name, hosting package or website builder from 1&1, you’ll get a huge discount on your first year’s subscription and then will have to pay a much higher price for every year after that. For example: for a standard domain name, you’ll usually pay 99p for the first year and then £3.49 for every year after that. Most 1&1 domain name contracts last for two years or more and if you’re not looking carefully, it’s easy to think you’re getting two years’ hosting for just £1.98, but this isn’t the case. This shouldn’t put you off buying a domain name from 1&1 (this is something a lot of domain name providers do) it’s just something you’ll want to keep in mind.

Sign Up for a Year of Hosting

If you’re buying web hosting from 1&1, the easiest way to save a chunk of cash is to sign up for a full year’s contract instead of one month at a time. When you sign up for a full year of hosting, you’ll still be charged on a monthly basis, but you’ll enjoy a heavily discounted rate for the first 12 months and then a slightly lesser discounted price from then on.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase a website builder, hosting, server, mail or eShop package from 1&1, you’ve got 30 days to decide whether or not you’re happy with your product. If you’d rather get your money back, call 1&1 within the first 30 days of your contract, telling them that you want to cancel and you want your money back. Unfortunately, if you bought a domain name from 1&1, you’re not entitled to a refund at all. So make sure you’re fully happy with the domain name and the price before you make a purchase.
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