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There's nothing like browsing through a bookstore, and with AbeBooks offering literally millions of titles, it's easy to lose track of time making a select pick from their cyber-shelves. Founded in 1995, they've taken huge strides in their 20-year history, and are now one of the world's leading stand-alone sites when it comes to books. From cheap textbooks to new releases - which are reviewed and recommended by Abe Books' in-house team of editors - there's nothing that can't be found, and the AbeBooks search tool lets its users get in touch with many independent booksellers, meaning that that hard-to-find book from yesteryear may quickly appear in the search results in a couple of clicks. New releases are discounted to the tune of almost 60%, and books can be sold as well as bought, providing the opportunity for the amateur Mr. or Mrs. Waterstones to get onboard in the bookseller stakes, too. » more

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How to use AbeBooks Promotional Codes

  1. Find the books you love on the AbeBooks website

    Whether you are an avid reader looking to fill your library, a student looking for textbooks or someone who is just browsing for something interesting to read, you will find a huge selection at With new and used books available at great prices, you will find your shopping experience on the AbeBooks shopping experience to be convenient and affordable. A promotional code will help you save even more on your purchase.

  2. Search the homepage

    On the AbeBooks homepage, you can learn about a specific book or category by clicking on it. You can also search by selecting a book subject on either side of the page, or by entering a book's details in the "Find Books" section.

  3. Select books to purchase

    When you click on a book that interests you, more details will appear. If you decide to purchase it, click on the red "Add to Basket" button and continue shopping. At any time, you can click on the shopping basket icon in the top right corner of the page to review your order or proceed to checkout.

  4. Get an AbeBooks promotional code

    To get your promotional code to save on your order, go to another webpage and enter in the address bar. When the website appears, enter AbeBooks in the search box and select your code. Return to the AbeBooks website to apply your savings.

  5. Enter your promotional code

    On the "My Shopping Basket" page, place your code in the "Voucher Code" box and click on "Update." Your total will be recalculated.

  6. Complete your order

    Click on "Proceed to Checkout." Log in or register and enter the requested information to pay for your order.

AbeBooks Customer Reviews

I can afford to literary at AbeBooks

I was really disappointed that Borders closed, and it’s too bad that Borders online never really took off, like it did in the US. But I do like using for finding older books at a great price. I’ve purchased a few new ones as well. It’s so hard to find good selections in bookstores these days. Heck, it’s hard to find bookstores these days, so sites like this are my refuge (libraries are good too). I just ordered a bunch of old books from my childhood for my son by Jules Verne. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and similar tales, and I picked them each up for under £2. And best of all, shipping is free, so it’s not like Amazon where different sellers charge you individual shipping. It’s brilliant. It’s like going to a car boot sale and finding all your favourites laid out for you at great prices.

Used textbooks at bargain prices

I’m currently enrolled as a pharmacy school student I was spending loads of money on textbooks for my classes until I discovered that you can buy used textbooks online from AbeBooks. The prices are much lower than the university bookstore and I can use the money I save on books to put toward my flat instead.

One book in particular cost nearly 200 pounds at the university bookstore. I was able to find it on AbeBooks for 42 pounds! When you’re a student every penny counts so being able to purchase my books at a discount is a relief.

I like the convenience of being able to order my books from home instead of queuing up for ages in the university store. The shipping is fast, which is key when you need a book straight away. Usually my books arrive within one or two days. You also can sell your used textbooks through AbeBooks, which I will likely do after this term. There’s no sense in keeping books I’ll never use again when I could make a few quid from selling them online. My flatmate has sold some of his books this way and swears by AbeBooks, so it seems like it works well for him.

Search for the books you really want here

I come here for used books. I used to check out the local shop, but I love being able to search by author name and/or title for books I really want, and this site offers that tool. Usually a used book shop is alphabetized and then the shelves are stocked full, but the shop doesn’t necessarily have what I came in looking for. And the problem is that I invariably leave with loads of other books instead. Well, here at AbeBooks, I wait until I have a list of at least a few books I want and I get online and buy them. Shipping costs are nominal, and I often find my books for under a pound each. Great buys.

Shopping Tips for AbeBooks

Offers and Deals for You

Monthly Sales

Every month, AbeBooks selects loads of titles and discounts them by anywhere between 10% and 50%. There is a huge selection of international authors and genres to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find at least one cheap book you like here. In the very unlikely event that none of the books tickle your fancy, you can always check back next month to see which new authors and titles have been discounted.

Free Delivery

Many of the books on the AbeBooks website are delivered for free within the seller’s country. To see which books are delivered for free within the UK, click on the ‘Browse’ link in the top navigation bar, click on ‘free postage’ then use the ‘Search books with free postage to the UK’ search engine to find what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can scroll down on this page and browse books with free postage by author if you’re not after anything in particular.

Extra Money Saving Tips

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Be kept in the know every time there’s a new AbeBooks sale or promotion by signing up for the newsletter. When you subscribe, you’ll receive one email each month from the book retailer with the latest book news, site features, competitions you can enter to win free books and exclusive discounted offers only ever sent out to newsletter subscribers. To subscribe, you’ll need to create an account on the website and agree to receive the newsletter. If you change your mind, you can opt out of the newsletter at any point by logging into your account on the website, clicking on ‘my account information’, un-ticking the newsletter box and clicking ‘update details’.
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