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Auto Trader came into being in 1977, a time when accessories like Bluetooth, GPS navigation systems and even automatic windows were futuristic concepts found on the cars driven by James Bond, not by the average citizen. Since then the world of cars has changed, and Auto Trader has changed along with it. Now a 100% digital marketplace, Auto Trader exists primarily to put in touch people who have cars to sell with people who want to buy them. Auto Trader allows owners of just about any type of vehicle with four wheels and motor, from cars to caravans to farm vehicles to advertise them for sale. Sellers who have no idea what their auto is worth can, for a small fee, request that Auto Trader help them determine a fair asking price. Auto buyers can sift through literally thousands of adverts to find the car (or caravan or excavator) that exactly fits their needs. For those who prefer dealing with auto dealers, Auto Trader can help them find one in their area. They also offer car insurance, vehicle financing and car history reports. Had Q had access to Auto Trader, he might not have been so distressed every time Bond returned one of his cars with a few parts missing. » more

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Great source to find used cars

Auto was the first place I looked when shopping for a car for my daughter. I agreed to buy a used car for her if it was under £6,000, and the Auto Trader website made it quite simple for us to browse through cars in our budget. You can sort the options in many different ways such as post code, model, age, mileage, colour and more. A nice feature is that as you tick the boxes to narrow down the cars, a ticker at the top tells you how many cars they have available with those exact specifications.

She wasn’t looking for a specific make or model but wanted something that “wouldn’t make her look daft” and I was looking for a reliable, safe vehicle. Fortunately Auto Trader had loads of cars for sale and we were able to come to a compromise on looks and function. After reading through all of the details and looking at photos we narrowed the selection down to four cars and visited all of the seller’s websites, which you can do right on the Auto Trader ad. I wound up finding a very nice Saab (2006) and am very pleased with the experience shopping from Auto Trader. Highly recommend!

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Free Car Valuation

Not sure how much your old car is worth? Find out for free with Auto Trader’s car valuation. Simply enter your car’s registration and mileage into the boxes on the website and Auto Trader will give you an estimate of your car’s value. The valuation will also give you an idea of how much you can expect to get if you sell it privately, sell it to a dealer and sell it in a part-exchange promotion – all for free! Since the used car market changes fast, your valuation will change from day to day, giving you a good indication of when is the right time to sell in order to get the most money.

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Free Motoring Alerts

If you’re a forgetful person, it’s worth signing up for an Auto Trader account because when you do and input your car details, you’ll get free My Car Reminders about when your next insurance, MOT and service are due.
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