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Established since the 1930s, HMV are widely regarded niche specialists in all aspects of British music culture and entertainment, stocking everything from the latest music, Blu-ray and DVD releases, to competitively priced games and accessories for the latest consoles on the market. HMV was founded in the 1890s as the Gramophone Company, however, it wasn't until 1921 they opened their first flagship store on London's Oxford Street. By the 1970s, HMV had overtaken both Our Price and Virgin Megastores as the UK's leading independent entertainment retailer. They subsequently opened the world's largest record store at a new location on Oxford Street, London, in 1986, and by their 75th anniversary in 1995, had built an empire of over 350 stores throughout the UK. Whether you're looking for an elusive film title or the latest Playstation release, you're bound to find it at HMV! And if there doesn't happen to be a store near you, you can still peruse HMV's vast product catalogue through their UK website, and order over the phone. Following a major revamp in 2013, the HMV website no longer offers physical products directly, however, users will still be able to purchase multimedia downloads through the 7Digitial download channel. You can also preview new releases via the HMV website, and gain access to exclusive in-store offers by signing up as an email subscriber. Don't forget, you can also find a host of money-saving HMV discount codes here too, giving you even more money off music from your favourite artists! » more

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How to use HMV Promotional Codes

  1. Start your shopping experience!

    Get on board and browse through all the dvd, blu-ray and of course music products you can get your hands on! Check out the money saving exclusives, competitions and take advantage of free UK delivery on all orders!

  2. Adding items to your basket

    When you are done shopping and have found your desired item, you now can add this to your basket. You will see an "˜add to basket' pink button underneath the image and price of your item, click this!

    Once you have clicked this button your item will be added to the basket which is displayed in the top right hand corner of the page.

  3. Proceeding to checkout

    If you are ready to move on then go to your basket displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen and click the checkout tab underneath the price.

  4. Creating a customer account

    In order to purchase on HMV you must be registered and the next page states this. If you are already an existing customer then simply enter your email address and password and click on the pink Sign In button. However, if you are a new customer then click the pink Continue button. You will now be presented with a screen of which you must fill in all applicable fields marked with an asterix.

    When you are happy with all these details then click the Continue button at the end of the page which should now be pink.

  5. Order Summary

    This is where you can view all your details for your order and amend the details where applicable. Check all is well and scan down to the end of the page to find the box for promotional codes. Now it's time to get the discount code!

  6. Applying promotional code to your order

    Go to and find the code you wish to use. Click on view code and open site and copy the voucher code. Now head back to HMV site, click on enter code and paste the code into the appropriate box directly below. Now click on continue and the promotional code will be applied to your order! The new amount will be shown on your order under discount at the very end of the page.

    When you are done checking over your order, then hit the continue button at the end of the page!

  7. Payment

    You are now on the payment screen where all you need to do is complete all your card details. Simply fill out all the required fields and when you're ready click the pink continue button at the end of the page and you're done!

HMV Customer Reviews

HMV seems to offer everything I want

I get tired of the DVD and music selection at my local shops, and I miss the old days where Blockbuster had everything I could possibly imagine. But that's not available now. So when it comes to buying videos or music, I now turn to HMV. It's so easy to find anything I want on this site. I just drop a title into the search engine, and it whirrs out a bunch of suggestions, including the one I'm searching for - every time. It's so easy. And the prices, I think, are quite reasonable. Delivery is quick and free, so you can't go wrong.

Great site for the music and film lover

Any DVD, Blu-ray, CD or video game you're looking for is probably available on the HMV site. I always look through 'coming soon' to see what I can pre-order for gifts or myself. This really comes in handy around Christmas time of course. I love how neatly everything is designed on the homepage as well; it appeals to my meticulous nature how everything is lined up in rows and with different coloured headings.

So easy to sort my gift with HMV

I ordered my mum a 'movies and music' theme gift for Mother's Day and the bulk of it I found at HMV. I love shopping online and it's really not so easy to find the CDs you want in a local shop these days. HMV had everything I wanted from the Adele CD to the Twilight DVD (don't judge!! my mum loves her a good vampire flick!) I'm going to package it all in a popcorn container with some sweets and it should be a hit, I think. The shipping was great from HMV and everything was as expected, thanks for the great service!

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