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Movie goers can hand over a small fortune to stand in long lines, sit in crowded theaters and pay extravagant sums for a coke or popcorn. Or they can watch the latest film releases from the comfort and convenience of their own home. Similarly, TV-lovers no longer have to depend on recording devices to capture their favorite show or worry about missing out on the latest episode while traveling. Blinkbox let the movie- and TV-obsessed alike watch newly released films and current television shows from the comfort of their own homeg and on a variety of supported devices. Now watchers don't have to worry about missing a crucial moment because they have to run to the loo. Watchers can choose to buy a show or movie and own it forever, or rent a title for 30 days and view it on a variety of supported devices. Unlike competitor sites, however, Blinkbox have no monthly fees; users only pay for the shows and movies they choose to watch. Prices start as low as 99p - compared to the £7.85 the average person spends when going to the movies, and that's on snacks alone. Sorry film lovers, Blinkbox don't supply snacks, but the money saved by using them can buy a lot of popcorn. » more

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How to use Blinkbox Promotional Codes

  1. Watch movies for less with Blinkbox

    Log on to the Blinkbox website where you can watch all the movies and TV shows you like for great prices. With no subscription and no download required you can watch whatever you fancy immediately, without having to wait. Blinkbox offer regular codes making it cheap and easy to watch wherever you are, on a number of different platforms including TV, Xbox 360, iPad, PC or Mac. Link your account to your Tesco Clubcard to earn points as you watch.

  2. Find the movie for you

    Use the menu at the top left of the site to select either “Movies” or “TV”. This will take you to a subpage where you can browse categories at your leisure. The homepage itself will bring you best sellers and features to take a look at too. Click a movie or show you’re interested in to find out more, read a synopsis or watch the trailer. If you would like to rent or buy the film, simply click the corresponding “Rent” or “Buy” button to move forward. A box will pop up confirming your choice, click “Next” to move forward.

  3. Register some details

    A box will pop up to ask you to “Login or Sign Up”. Under the “Not yet a member” heading, click the “Sign Up” button.  On the page that follows, enter your email address where prompted and make sure the “No, I am a new customer” box is selected. Click to continue. Make your way through the form that follows, entering the applicable information. When you have reached the bottom, click the “I agree – Continue” button.

  4. Grab a promotional code

    The next page is where you will need to enter your payment information. However, before you do that, hit the “Got a voucher?” link just beside your rental price above the form. A box will appear. Now, in a new tab or window, open and find a code you would like to use. Reveal the code by clicking the “view code and open site” button. Copy the code once it has appeared.

  5. Apply the code to your rental

    Back at Blinkbox, paste the code you copied into the pop-up box and click to submit. You’ll return to the payment information page and your rental price will reappear to include your discount.

  6. Pay and complete your order

    Enter your payment information in the form provided and move down to complete your billing address. If you think you may like to rent from Blinkbox again, leave the box titled “Save my card details for next time” ticked. Click the “Confirm Rental” button to submit your payment. You will be forwarded to a page where you can stream your movie. Follow the onscreen instructions to watch. Enjoy your film!

Blinkbox Customer Reviews

Really easy to watch the latest shows

Love this site for watching those episodes I've missed of my favourite shows like Peep Show, and they also have some US programmes which is cool. Whilst I usually stick to the free section I have from time to time indulged in a rental film and it's fast and easy to watch on my computer. There's no need to wait for a DVD like some of the other services out there. The quality is fine and no complaints about the film stopping or skipping - plus the prices aren't bad. You can buy the whole first series of Gossip Girl for £12.99 which I just did to appease my girlfriend, so not bad if you like that sort of thing.

No subscription necessary and very quick

I find other online streaming services like Lovefilm and Netflix too much of a commitment to subscribe to. I don't want to be paying monthly fees because I'm out of the country a lot on work so I have very inconsistent watching patterns so don't want to pay when I'm not using. The Movie Mondays thing that Blinkbox have means I can watch new releases for under a pound, it's a pretty good deal. It was easy enough to open an account and I was watching a movie within minutes. I've watched about 15 films through Blinkbox now and I've never run into a techinical hitch. I'd fully recommend the service for those not wanting to pay a subscription fee.

Shopping Tips for Blinkbox

Offers and Deals for You

Welcome Offers

In an effort to encourage people to sign up, Blinkbox promotes special welcome offers only available for new customers. These offers are advertised on the homepage of the website and are usually something along the lines of cheap films for as little as 99p when you deposit a certain amount of cash into your account. If the current offer doesn’t seem that great to you and you’re not in a rush to sign up to Blinkbox, consider holding off until you see an offer which suits you better before you register.

Movie and TV of the Week

Bag a real bargain by keeping an eye out for Blinkbox’ ‘Movie of the Week’ and ‘TV of the Week’. Each week, the entertainment specialist chooses one film and one TV show and heavily discounts them – usually by around 50%-70% – for seven days only. Since these discounts are only available for a short time, make sure you snap them up if the film or TV show is something you like the look of. On the other hand, if the movie or TV show of the week doesn’t tickle your fancy, check back next week to see what’s new.

Multiple Devices

If you rent a film from Blinkbox, you’ll be able to watch it on up to two devices – but only one at a time. But if you buy a film, you can watch it on up to five different devices. You can swap up to three of your devices once every 90 days, so make sure you’re happy with your choices before you commit – otherwise you’ll have a long wait before you can swap them again.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Exclusive Offers

If you sign up for a Blinkbox account, every now and then the entertainment specialist will send you an exclusive offer, such as free Blinkbox credit or a discount code, only available to you. All terms and conditions of the offers are covered in the email, so make sure you scan through them and check the requirements and expiry date so you don’t accidentally miss out on a money saving deal. These exclusive offers are only available for the account they’ve been emailed to, so you can’t share them with friends or family. If you’ve used Blinkbox for a while and have never received a single exclusive offer, check your marketing preferences. If you’ve ticked a box that says you don’t want to receive any emails at all, you’ll never get any special offers, so get it un-ticked!
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