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It's Disneyland Paris, people. A place that has been fueling fantasies about gigantic talking mice, princesses and flying elephants for over 50 years. So it's probably safe to assume that travellers hesitate to visit the Magic Kingdom either because they have masklophobia (a real word meaning fear of costumed characters or people in masks) or because they don't want to fork over what they assume will be outlandish sums just to get in front gate, never mind paying for food and lodging. While Disneyland Paris can't help sufferers of masklophobia, they can and do help keep expenses in check by offering savings throughout the year and excellent package deals. Wannabe visitors can check out the site's FAQ to see links to packages that include free or discounted admission tickets, meal plans, lodging and/or transportation. Visitors can think of it this way: Disneyland in any spot is meant to be a place where magic happens and dreams come true. That would have to be thrown right out the castle window if it didn't include magical savings opportunities. » more

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Plan your Disneyland Paris trip easily online

I’ve been dreading planning a trip to DisneylandParis ever since my eldest daughter started asking to go, which was about three years ago. I’ve really put it off. I hate crowds, I fear wasting money on a park the kids can’t enjoy fully, I dreaded the queues, etc. etc etc. But most of all I dreaded the planning of it. It seems every travel agent has some offer for Disneyland Paris, and the prices vary greatly. When I discovered this site, right from the source, I thought “ok, I have no more excuses. Get to planning.” And that’s exactly what I did. I was able to easily book our tickets and even a show for one of the nights we’re there. We’re going next month, and the kids could not be more excited. This site made it easy to organise.

Great offers on the Disneyland site

This will be our 2nd visit to Disneyland Paris and I opted again to book directly thru Disney, as they always advertise offers on the site. I was able to get a 4 night/5 day package for the same price as a 3 night/4 day package, which is great because an extra day means we can take things a bit easier on the holiday and not be rushing to see everything. The package included our hotel, breakfast and admission to the two parks, and the price really was lower than I had been expecting. My kids are thrilled that we're going back to Disney and my husband is thrilled that I saved us some money!

The family is ready to leave straight away

The moment we arrived on the site with a video playing it made me excited to leave for Disneyland! This is our first trip and will likely not be our last. Heading to Orlando or California is out of the question budget wise but France is obviously an easy jaunt over and the deals on their website helped tremendously with making it possible to afford a holiday. They had a few deals such as kids free if they're under 7, so that was fantastic as our kids are aged 4 and 6. Booking the holiday online was quite easy, although it took a bit of time, but I think you don't mind those things when it's something you're looking forward to doing, am I right?

Shopping Tips for Disneyland Paris GB

Offers and Deals for You


The best place to browse all the current deals available on the Disneyland Paris website is the ‘Offers’ section. Here you’ll find a collection of all the best money saving promotions, ranging from discounts on park tickets and free meal plans to savings on accommodation and deals on complete holiday packages. Promotions are usually available for the current season, the upcoming season and up to one whole year away, so whether you’re thinking about a last-minute getaway or want to plan ahead for a big family holiday next year, you’re sure to find a deal here which works for you. The promos on this page are updated all the time, so if you don’t see anything suitable when you’re ready to book, it might be worth waiting a little while until the next set of promotions is published if you really want to get the best deal going – you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Yes! Days

If you’ve got a tight budget to stick to, but you really want to treat the family to a Disneyland Paris holiday, keep an eye out for the ‘Yes! Days’ promotion. This special offer is usually available for 40 days at a time and treats you some free night’s accommodation at a Disneyland Paris resort on selected bookings. There doesn’t seem to be any set schedule as to when the ‘Yes! Days’ promotion runs, so you’ll need to sign up for the newsletter or regularly check the website in order to stay up-to-date.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Disneyland Paris Meal Plan

If you and your family are big eaters, you could make some huge savings by purchasing one of the Disneyland Paris Meal Plans. There are two plans available – full-board and half-board – each of which is available in premium, plus and standard varieties, so you can tailor your meal plan to your needs. Not only can the prepaid meal plans save you money, but they can also save you the hassle of carrying around extra cash whilst on holiday and keeping track of how much you’re spending on your meals, since you will have already paid for them by the time you arrive.

Request a Free Brochure

Prefer to choose your holiday by flipping through a glossy brochure instead of staring at the computer screen? No problem – you can request a Disneyland Paris brochure without paying a penny. To have the latest Disneyland Paris brochure sent directly to your door for free, simply create an account on the website and fill out the short request form. Make sure you un-tick the appropriate boxes if you don’t want to receive additional marketing material.

Best Deal Calendar

When you book a Disneyland Paris holiday, make sure you use the Best Deal Calendar to choose your dates. This calendar shows you when special offers are available and when the cheapest bookable rates are, so if you’re flexible when it comes to holiday dates, you’ll never have to pay over the odds.
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