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    Offers and deals for you

    Free internet security

    All EE Broadband customers get a year’s worth of Norton 360 for free, so you can safely surf, shop and bank online without worrying about getting any viruses or having your personal info stolen. If you’re already an EE Broadband customer, you can get your free copy by visiting the Norton 360 page on the EE Broadband website and clicking on the ‘Sign up to Norton’ button.

    You’ll have to input your credit/debit card details when you sign up. This means that if you don’t cancel your subscription within the first free year, you’ll be charged for it when your subscription ends. If you do want to continue using Norton 360, you’ll get a 50% discount for your first year, just for being an EE Broadband customer. But if you don’t want to renew, you’ll need to log into your Norton account and turn off auto-renew.

    £1 films

    Love snuggling up and watching a film? The people at EE do, too! Which is why they let all EE Broadband customers stream the film of their choice from once a week for just £1. To get your hands on your special discount code you’ll need to stream your cheap film, visit the EE Film Club page – – and send a text to the specified number. It will cost you 35p to send the text. So technically, the film costs £1.35 to stream – but this is still a lot cheaper than a trip to the cinema!

    You need to get a new promo code every time you want to watch a cheap film (max 1 promo code per week) and you need to select the film between Monday and Wednesday.

    EE Broadband covers early termination fees

    If you’ve been put off switching from your current broadband supplier to EE because you’re worried about big cancellation costs, you really don’t need to be. EE Broadband will give you up to £100 to cover early termination fees. To get this money, all you need to so is visit the buyout page – – within 90 days of activating your EE Broadband and upload a copy of your termination fee bill.

    Extra money saving tips

    Intro prices

    Don’t let EE’s introductory prices fool you when you’re comparing prices between broadband providers. Whether you sign up for standard, fibre or fibre plus, you’ll pay a reduced rate for the first six months (unless you take out the weekend calls only standard package, in which case you’ll pay a reduced rate for 12 months) and then will pay a significantly higher rate for every month after – sometimes as much as £15 per month extra.

    That’s not to say that EE doesn’t have some great broadband deals – it does – you just need to keep an eye out for things like this so you can tell the genuine deals from the fake ones.

    Line rental not included

    The broadband prices advertised on the EE website don’t include the line rental. So whilst it might look like you’re paying just £2.95 per month for the weekend calls only standard broadband package, you’ll actually be charged £2.95 for broadband + £16.40 for line rental – that’s £19.35 per month.
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