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Magnet is the first company in Ireland to bring 1Gb fibre speeds to the home user. It offers a range of communication and entertainment services for business and home users. All of its services are competitively priced. For business users, Magnet offers a choice of packages including ‘Office in a Box’. This package, for new or moving businesses, offers voice, broadband, domain and Wi-Fi services all for one price. Magnet home services feature fibre or streaming options. There are add-ons for both phone and TV services. For Aertv, Magnet's TV service, the first month is free, with over 20 channels available. All fibre and streaming options are free from contracts, and all offer unlimited downloads. The speed of their broadband service is well recognised, regularly topping the Netflix speed index. Magnet is a customer-oriented business. Its online support centre has comprehensive information on all categories of enquiry and customers can telephone to resolve any questions not covered online. There is also a blog with posts on a wide range of business and user topics. To underline their interest in the community, Magnet sponsor the Junior Cyclist of the Year Awards in Ireland. It is a company that offers a great range of services that customers really want. » more

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This service is reasonable and it works

I got so tired of having to reset my Broadband. It seemed it never worked properly from the national provider, and they won’t come to the house and fix it unless you promise to pay through the nose, so I opted for this service instead. I can’t believe how quickly I was able to get the information online, sign us up and get everything up and going. Fantastic!! The site makes it easy to find the exact plan you need for your home internet access and telephone. Take a look today.

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Be amongst the very first to know the next time Magnet is running a special offer by liking their page on Facebook or following them on Twitter. When you’re connected via social media, you’ll be kept in the loop with free gift offers with selected purchases, seriously low prices for new customers and new products as soon as they’re available so you can use them first. Each of the social media channels is updated around once every week. So check in on a weekly basis to keep up with the latest goings on.

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Sometimes Magnet advertises prices in a bit of a confusing way. When you look at their products, they usually tell you the price per month. But 99% of the time, this price is what you’ll pay for the first 1-3 months only. Every month after that you’ll have to pay a higher price. This shouldn’t put you off signing up with Magnet. Just be sure to read the small print before you hand over any cash so you’re not left out of pocket down the line.
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