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Anyone with a yearning to join the English aristocracy should check out the range of manorial titles available online with Elite Titles. There's no need for pretence or delusions when it's possible to buy a Lordship, Duchess title or even a Baronetcy online. If the corridors of power or doors to a sparkling future have remained closed throughout a lifetime just imagine how much more fun it can be for those in possession of a grandiose title. No more hanging around waiting in queues -- instead the Lord, Lady, Duchess of the Manor will be whisked straight into the VIP lounge. Gifting a valid title from Elite Titles is sure to make an amusing present for friends, family members or corporate clients. It's even possible to add a small area of inheritable land to any gift purchase to ensure any recipient is aware they have entered the world of the landed gentry. Prices for titles start at £195 and online promotional codes and discounts mean it's possible for smart shoppers to achieve great savings on these prices. » more

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Just call me Archduke Ferdinand the modern

I’d heard about this site and decided it would be the perfect idea for a gift, in a joking sort of way. This site allows you to buy titles, like Sir, Lady, whatever. You can buy either just the title which lasts a lifetime, or you can buy the title with land and bequeath it to family. The first is around £200, the latter around £1000. Well, I’m willing to spend £200 on a joke, not £1000. The site is set up a bit awkwardly and won’t let you see the titles on offer before you give your information. As I was doing it as a joke, it didn’t matter to me what the outcome was, but if you were serious that aspect would be annoying. Anyway, my husband loves his new title, and I’m seriously considering changing our family stationery to reflect it (again, to keep the joke going).

Many thanks from the new Viscountess Pippa

What started out as a gag gift wound up being totally worth the price! I went to buy my brother a title as a tongue in cheek pressie for his 50th birthday, and the more I read about it, I wanted one of my own as well! Ok, for £195 it's not exactly cheap, but it was good fun to be able to change my passport to include "Viscountess" and people really do treat you differently in those situations. The process to order the title was simple, but as the previous reviewer mentioned, you're not able to see the title you're getting, which is a bit frustrating. In any case, I love my new title and my brother thought his was hilarious - he's even asking people at work to call him Lord Richard, LOL.

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Extended 90-Day Refund Policy

If you change your mind or simply aren’t happy with your title, you’ve got 90 days to send your title pack back to get a full refund. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay to return the pack (and even though it’s more expensive, using a tracked delivery method is best because Elite Titles won’t give you any money back if it gets lost in the post) but getting some of your money back is better than none of it.

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If you already own a title or are planning on purchasing one, you should definitely sign up for the Elite Titles newsletter. When you subscribe, the legal title provider will send you one email each month, loaded with tips and advice on how you can get the most out of your title. These titbits include how to use it to get preferential seating, VIP treatment and upgrades in everyday life, which could save you thousands over the years! If the emails aren’t what you thought they’d be, you can opt out of the mailing list whenever you like by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link found in the footer of every Elite Titles email.

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Although it doesn’t happen very often, whenever Elite Titles is hosting an extra special competition or special offer, they always post about it on their social media channels. So make sure you like their page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. When you’re connected online, you’ll be amongst the very first to know about competitions you can enter to win free titles and discount codes you can use for a short time only. Each of the social media channels is updated daily, so check in on a regular basis to stay in the loop.
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