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The language of flowers is the best way to convey a message of appreciation to loved ones, and Fleurop-Interflora makes sure that every special occasion is provided for with their high-quality flower delivery service. Sending flowers and gifts all over the world, Fleurop-Interflora have been supplying quality flowers for more than a century and take pride in their excellent customer service and huge international network of florists.Extending over 150 countries globally, the company uses the services of more than 40,000 florists and guarantees timely delivery of beautiful bouquets and blossoms to recipients everywhere. From traditional roses for a birthday or anniversary to a single bud as the ultimate romantic token, Fleurop-Interflora makes it really simple to order the perfect floral arrangement online. Their inspirational products are perfect for every event and every recipient, so whether loved ones have a passion for peonies or love their lilies, they will be able to receive a gift that touches their heart. » more

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These flowers seem a bit higher in price

This site is really pretty, as most floral shops online are, and I appreciate the idea of being able to order anywhere. But, and this is a big but, I compared the prices from Fleurop for delivery within the USA to prices from FTD, and there’s no comparison. Fleurop is much more expensive. I suppose if you can’t use a US-based website or platform, then Fleurop might be a good alternative. Sure, there are other countries covered by this site, which is handy if you need to order for an overseas delivery. But I don’t think that the prices are comparable to what you’d get from the local florists in any of those areas. The specials and same day delivery service, however, are nice touches.

The worst flower service I have ever come across

This is by far the worst flower delivery service I have ever come across and I am someone who has the habit of sending flowers all over!! Looking at their site and choices, and the fact that they have a mobile application, I was deceived by the look! Yes I felt they were too expensive for what they are offering but thought, it is OK. It is Valentine's day and they promise to deliver the same day!

I ordered a £26 one rose (yes one rose) with heart chocolates and paid an extra £10 to get them delivered the same day. Happy about (my £36!!!) one rose order and what a great surprise I have prepared for my sweetheart, I went on with my day as usual expecting a happy phone call a few hours later or so. I tracked my order and it showed that it was out for delivery before noon. Three hours later, NOTHING!! I tracked it again and it was still (out for delivery). I tried calling them on their paid line. After keeping me on the line to hear their recorded message, I get “Sorry our lines are busy try emailing or calling again”. I emailed about 10 times begging them to deliver it before 5 pm as I have stated on my order so my sweetheart gets it before leaving work. I also called about 10 times. AND NOTHING!! All I got back was automated replies and an online tracking system that showed (out for delivery) before noon!! I had no option but to ruin my surprise and ask my sweetheart to wait till 6 at the office since they say they deliver till 6. Imagine, it is valentine’s day and you need to stay an hour extra at work to receive a bloody one rose with chocolates!!! But that is what happened. And then guess what, THEY STILL didn’t deliver it and there was no way to ever get to contact them!! It is like they disappeared off the face of earth!!

Needless to say the night was ruined. We went to dinner with a disappointed mood and an hour late which ruined everything! I still haven’t heard back from them after I sent an email asking for a full refund. They better refund me or I think I will sue them for emotional distress!! What a shame.

In short, never use them!!

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Some of the bouquets sold on the Fleurop-Interflora website come with free gifts, such as a balloon, vase, basket or box of chocolates. With this in mind, if you were planning on going out of your way to complete your floral gift by buying one of these products separately, you could save some money – and time – by paying just a few pounds more for a bouquet which includes one of these extras within the main price.
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