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Feathered friends can always use some looking-after, particularly when it comes to foraging for food in the colder months. Trust in Garden Bird to provide the best bird food around. Operating since 1994, Garden Bird is a founding member of the Birdcare Standards Association, and has a strong commitment to providing 'the very best for your garden birds delivered direct to your door,' to which their website is a charming and comprehensive testament. From seed feeders to those squirrel-resistant models that ensure that no one else can gnaw away at the food, Garden Bird's passion for innovative, practical products is clear. Classic wooden bird-tables sit alongside ground feeders and window feeders, allowing for a birds' eye view of meal-times. Bird baths come in stylish copper and ceramic, inscribed with the words of William Blake to add an undeniable touch of beauty to any garden, while their range of bird food comes in all shapes and sizes, from live mealworm and honey and fruit cocktails and an ultra-high protein mix of seeds, grains and insects. Traditional favourites such as suet pellets and cakes provide an unparalleled source of energy, particularly in winter months, and it's possible to welcome butterflies, hedgehogs and other wildlife delights into the garden with food mixes and friendly plants to encourage and support diversity. » more

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How to use Garden Bird Promotional Codes

  1. Not just for the birds

    Garden Bird carries a huge variety of bird feeders, seed and bird baths, but also sells wildlife houses and food, insect-friendly plants, dog food and bird-related gifts. If you want to save a bundle on your birding gear, grab one of our codes!

  2. Add items to your basket

    Once you’ve searched through the site and found what you need, go ahead and click “buy.” You’ll be taken to view or edit your basket; if everything looks correct, head back to the Promotional Codes site to grab a code.

  3. Enter a code

    Once you’ve chosen a Garden Bird code, click “view code & open site” and copy the code. Click on back to your basket at Garden Bird and paste it in the promotional code box and click “go.” Once your total refreshes, click “checkout.”

  4. Sign in or register

    Type in your login information and click “sign in securely” or click “create account” and enter your contact details.

  5. Delivery options

    Select a delivery method and click “continue,” then enter in your payment method and click “continue.” Add your billing address and then review everything one last time before confirming your order. Now your parcel is on the way for you and your animal friends to enjoy!

Garden Bird Customer Reviews

Get the right seed for seeing your favourite birds

Ever wondered whether you’re providing just the right bird seed at the right time of year? I do all the time. We love having birds in our garden, but it’s never a sure thing, so we always stock up. And this site offers the best prices and advice we’ve ever found. We signed up for the free feeding guide by email and it’s been invaluable. If you love birds the way we do, check out this site. You’ll be so glad you did.

Finally I have birds coming into my garden

The help and advice column on here really got me started on bird feeding in my garden. I was thrilled to find some help, as I didn’t really know anyone I could ask, and now that I have the right foods and feeders outside, I’m seeing loads of lovely birds. I’m really impressed. I bought some of my food here and some at the local shop, but future purchases will be here. The birds seem to like the seeds from here better, and I like the service.

No more squirrels ruining my bird feeder

I enjoy the advice section, which has really helped me in choosing the right types of feed and so forth. I was having problems with squirrels tampering with my bird feeder, and luckily their site helped me find a new squirrel-proof one which has been a brilliant solution to the issue. Highly recommend!

Shopping Tips for Garden Bird

Offers and Deals for You

Free Delivery

Whenever you spend £25+ on the Garden Bird website, your order will be delivered for free anywhere within the UK via standard delivery which takes up to five working days to arrive. Orders less than this come with a delivery charge of £3.99. So if you want best value for money possible, it’s worth stocking up on enough bird food to last you a good few months. This way, your order should add up to at least £25 and qualify for free delivery.


Save up to 50% on bird feeding supplies and related products by shopping in the ‘Sale’ section of the Garden Bird website. This page is loaded with a huge selection of reduced products, with everything from bug control mats and fledgling feed to bird-decorated aprons and pin boards. When these items sell out, they really are gone for good. So if you spot a bargain, snap it up fast – before a faster bird fan beats you to it!

Regular Ordering Club

Make sure your bird feeders are constantly topped up and save yourself money at the same time by joining Garden Bird’s regular ordering club. To join this club, you need to commit to an order in a minimum of four separate months by filling out the form on the ‘Regular Ordering Club’ page. When you order this way, you’ll get a 10% discount each time, on top of any other discounts currently available. Not only that, but your orders will be regularly delivered each month without you having to remember to place them each time, too. Garden Bird only takes payment each time they dispatch an order (meaning you don’t have to pay in advance) and you can cancel at any time after the first four months. To stop receiving your regular orders or to change an order, get in touch with Garden Bird by filling out the contact form on the website at least five working days before the month you’re due to receive your order begins.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Sign Up for the Newsletter

Stay in the know with exclusive offers the general public never get to see by signing up for the Garden Bird newsletter. When you subscribe, you’ll get regular emails from Garden Bird with special offers and discounts only ever sent out to subscribers, competitions you can enter to win Garden Bird goodies and new product announcements. If you get fed up of the emails, you can opt out of the mailing list whenever you like by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link found in each Garden Bird email.

Request a Free Catalogue

Prefer to flip through the pages of a glossy catalogue instead of shopping online? Then click on the ‘Request a free catalogue’ link on the homepage of the website and fill out the form that follows. When you do this, you’ll receive the latest edition of the Garden Bird catalogue for free every time one is published.
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