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Most people want music that they can take with them everywhere they go, and iTunes GB can make that dream a reality. The best place to find all the most popular melodies across every genre, iTunes makes it simpler than ever to organise and listen to favourite tracks. There are 43 million different tunes to choose from, so building a personal collection is a breeze. But iTunes doesn't only focus on music; the site offers great movies and TV programmes to select from too. With 85,000 films and 300,000 exciting TV options, there is no excuse for not being able to find something great to watch or to keep the kids entertained. Everything can be downloaded, so viewers can watch at any time, whether or not they have Wi-Fi access. For the person who has everything, iTunes even has its own gift card, so there is no need to agonise over choosing the perfect gift. » more

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Free Songs

Although it happens only very rarely, iTunes GB does occasionally have songs available to download for free. Even if you’ve just downloaded the free iTunes programme and have never spent a single penny on music or films, you can still download these songs free of charge, so do it! If you don’t like them, you can always just delete them later.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Set Up an Allowance

If you use iTunes as a family and are worried about your kids racking up huge bills, put a limit on their spending by setting them up an iTunes allowance account. With this type of account, the user only receives a set amount of money each month to spend on the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store and Mac App Store. As long as your kids don’t have access to your debit or credit cards, they won’t be able to spend any more than you’ve set them. If you sometimes go over budget with iTunes yourself, it might even be an idea to set up your own allowance account! Although you’ll have to hide your debit/credit cards, for those weak moments.

Keep an Eye Out for Gift Card Offers

Many of the major supermarkets, like Tesco and Asda, run iTunes gift card promotions which can save you huge chunks of money on your next iTunes shopping spree. In the past, Asda has offered £25 gift cards for only £20 and Tesco has offered Clubcard holders the chance to convert £12.50’s worth of Tesco Clubcard vouchers into a £25 iTunes gift card.

Buy Albums Instead of Singles

One of the easiest ways you can make immediate savings with iTunes GB is to buy albums instead of singles. If you’re buying music from an artist you already know you like, chances are you’re going to like their whole album and not just their latest single. When you compare the price per individual song to the price per album, you’ll be making some substantial savings by buying the album.

Complete Your Album

If you’ve already purchased some songs from one album and want to get the rest of them, you don’t have to buy them individually or buy the album from scratch and be left with duplicates. The cheapest way to get the rest of the songs is to click the ‘complete my album’ button, which can be found in the ‘QuickLinks’ section on the main iTunes Store page after you’ve logged in.
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