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An increasingly popular mobile phone network which began life in early 2013 and currently has 150,000+ customers, LIFE Mobile stands out from the crowd by specialising in providing you with the very best SIM-only deals. This network is run on EE, the UK’s #1 network with 3G coverage across 98% of the UK, so you’ll never be left staring at a blank loading screen or waving your phone in the air for better signal. To keep things simple and fuss-free, LIFE Mobile offers a very small selection of affordable 30-Day SIM-only tariffs, but there’s something to suit everyone, whether you only use your phone once a week or you’re on it every waking minute of the day. Their smart cap contracts which stop your minutes, texts and data after you spend over an amount you set yourself can help you instantly take back control of your bills and your spending. But if you really want to save big, pick up one of our promo codes and put it to good use at the LIFE Mobile checkout. » more

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Had a busy month? If you need a top up to last you until your tariff refresh date, we have a range of Bolt-Ons available. To instantly add a Bolt-On, call our Customer Services Team free

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Line Rental Discount

One of the easiest ways to save money with Plusnet is to pay for one year’s line rental in advance. When you pay for the next 12 months of line rental in one go, you’ll pay a much lower monthly fee than if you paid for your line rental on a month-by-month basis. You’ll still have to pay for your calls and any additional charges each month, but your standard line rental bill will be much cheaper. If you change your mind, simply call Plusnet within 14 days of your advance payment and you’ll get a full refund.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Recommend a Friend

If you’re a happy Plusnet customer and think your friends and family would be, too, refer them to the network. Every time you bring another person onboard, you’ll get a discount on your monthly bill: a 75p discount per month for anyone who signs up for a broadband or fibre product and a 50p discount each month for anyone who signs up for a phone product. There’s absolutely no limit to the number of people you can refer to Plusnet, so if you bring enough people in, you could even earn money each month!

Activate Smart Cap

Worried about your phone bill getting out of hand? Then activate Smart Cap and you’ll never have to worry about paying over the odds ever again. To activate this free service, simply give Plusnet a call and agree to a set spending cap. This amount of money is the maximum you’ll be able to spend each month on your phone, on top of your free data, minutes and texts. You’ll get an email as soon as you’ve used up 80% of your allowance and another when you hit 100% to keep you in the loop. You can set a cap for as little as £2 and change it whenever you like by giving Plusnet a call.
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