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Lottoland is sort of like Disneyland for lotto players. Except it's online. And there's no giant mouse walking around signing autographs and posing for photos. Instead, Lottoland offers bettors the chance to win lots and lots of cash. Customers can bet on the outcomes of lottos not just in the UK, but on those the world over. By simply setting up a free account, customers can be entered into EuroJackpot, the United States' MegaMillions, Irish Lotto, Polish Lotto and more. Gamblers and those feeling lucky can even purchase what are assumedly virtual scratch cards. Lottoland is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and can and will honor payments to all lucky winners. Lottoland bettors have access to some spiffy perks such as last minute betting, free lines, bonuses and even double jackpots. The main difference between playing at Lottoland and buying a ticket is that customers are betting on the outcome of a lottery, not specifically entering the draw. Yeah that makes no sense to most people, suffice it to say that winners receive the same payout as if they had purchased a ticket in person. » more

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