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For those passionate about anything naturally produced and eco-friendly, a visit to Natural Collection is an absolute must. Among the vast array of home, garden, beauty, fashion and gift items there are toys, everyday products, electricals and more. With thousands of fairly sourced and traded products, if there is a natural, organic or biodegradable version of something you need or want, it's a good wager you'll find it here. Ethical shoppers are able to read the seven good buying guides provided online. This ethics-based shopping assistance will help you discover associated environmentally friendly products. Natural Collection also has a blog for news and recipes as well as a signup newsletter for special offers and a seasonal catalogue. If a relative or friend is into naturally made items the gift guide on this site will make choosing a present an organic process. With reasonable prices and free delivery on larger orders, the Natural Collection range is sure to please all ages. If you really cannot decide, gift vouchers are on offer from £10. Occasions like back-to-school and weddings are also catered for here with everything from wines and chocolates to pencil cases and lunchboxes. For all gifts, a selection of crafty cards and wrap help convey an overall message of care. » more

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Natural Collection Customer Reviews

Freely traded and organic purchases to feel good about

I’ve been on an environmental crusade of late, and I’m now really trying to steer away from products that are made of anything other than natural products and/or are freely traded merchandise. This site offers plenty of great ideas for home, gifts and clothing, and I was thrilled to find it. I’ve purchased pampering gift boxes for friends’ gifts, clothing for myself and a radio for my husband, and all of the items have shown up in great shape and on time. The prices are very reasonable for freely traded products, so I’ll definitely be going back.

Going organic has never been easier

If you have a hippy chick in your midst or a loved one who is sold on all things organic, then you’ll love this site. My mom is a tree-hugging goddess, and she loves it when I get her gifts here. For her birthday I got her two sun jars from here, in addition to a recycled jug and glass set I got for her to enjoy in the garden. She loved them. I always know the gifts I buy here will make mum feel warm because they are free trade and/or organic, and I like knowing that she’ll enjoy that aspect of it.

A more natural approach to living

My mum has been driving me nuts lately with all of her green and environmental ways. I applaud them to some extent, certainly, but she has a really bad habit of letting the natural waste build up in her kitchen – the stuff destined for the compost bin. And I hate it. There’s always little fruit flies floating around, and on hot days it stinks a bit. I thought I’d find her a better solution, and I’m so glad I found this site because they have the cutest little “compost” bin that actually matches my mum’s kitchen colours. It looks like an old-fashioned enamel canister, which is a style she loves, so I know she’ll set it up in her kitchen. Now let’s just hope she uses it and keeps less of the “compost” stuff in her kitchen.

My sister in law can't fault me for this gift

When my then bf's niece turned three last year, I bought her a Barbie and you would've thought I brought poison into the house judging by the look on my sister in law's face. Now I know that we can only buy fair trade and naturally made toys for the girls. The Natural Collection was great for finding a pressie for this year's party and I picked up a paper animal kit and red bus bookends for her room. They have a whole section of gifts for kids, which made finding something really easy. I made sure to point out that everything was fair trade before she even opened the gift, and this got me some brownie points at least. I thought the prices were fine, not cheap but not expensive, and the gifts were well received. I'll shop with them again, although only if I need something for the in laws.

Shopping Tips for Natural Collection

Offers and Deals for You

Free Delivery

Whenever you spend £50+ with Natural Collection, your order will be delivered almost anywhere in the UK for free via standard delivery which takes around five working days to arrive. Orders less than this come with a delivery charge of £3.95. So if you want best value for money possible and your order doesn’t quite make the £50 mark, check out the ‘Special Offers’ section of the site to see if there is something small and cheap you can add into your basket so your total order adds up to at least £50 and qualifies for free delivery.

Special Offers

Save up to 70% the next time you shop with Natural Collection by sticking to the ‘Special Offers’ section of the website. This page is updated seasonally, with discounts starting off at around 20% at the beginning of the season and snowballing up to 70% by the end of the season. So if you want the biggest range of items to choose from, hit this section as soon as the new season begins. But if you’d rather get value for money, wait until toward the end of the season before doing your shopping, when you’ll have less to choose from, but the discounts will be bigger.

Loyalty Programme

Reward Points

Every time you shop with Natural Collection you earn loyalty points which you can use to get discounts on future orders. For every £1 you spend, you’ll get five points and for every review you leave, you’ll get ten points. Each point is worth a 0.5p discount. So if you spend £100, you’ll earn 500 points which will get you a £2.50 discount on a future order. Every three months, Natural Collection will send you a unique voucher code via email with the money that you’ve earned from reward points. Each voucher code is only valid for the following three months, so make sure you use them up whilst you can!

Extra Money Saving Tips

Follow Natural Collection Online

One of the easiest ways of saving money with Natural Collection is to follow them online. The eco-friendly department store has active social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter which they frequently update with discount codes you can use to save an extra couple of pounds, flash sales with around 20% off everything, seasonal clearance sales with 70% discounts and early bird notice when new lines are launched. The Twitter page is the most updated social media account, where Tweets are posted regularly throughout the day, so check in as often as possible if you don’t want to miss out on a promo.

Sign Up for the Newsletter

Want to be in with the chance of winning a Natural Collection gift voucher? Then sign up for the newsletter. When you subscribe, you’ll be entered into a monthly giveaway to win a £50 gift voucher. Not only that, but you’ll also start receiving one email each week from the online retailer with exclusive offers you won’t find anywhere else. If you only really signed up for the giveaway and you don’t want to receive any follow-up emails, you can opt out of the mailing list as soon as the winner has been announced by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link found in the footer of every newsletter.
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