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Look no further than O2 Recycle for a quick and easy way to turn an old mobile phone into cold, hard cash for a new model. With their four simple steps to success - search, sell, send and then spend - it's never been easier to upgrade with the assistance of an old phone pulling in the pounds. Accepting all big-name phones, from iPhones to HTCs, just type in the model to see the amount on offer. Go to their FAQs to learn the specifics of erasing a phone's data before sending, and then just pop it in the post to them, free of charge. Not only are mobiles accepted, but iPods, tablets, Kindles, games consoles and those health wearables, such as FitBits, too, meaning that clearing out those electricals could net a real bounty. O2 Recycle also offer their Top Price Promise, which means that a higher price offered elsewhere within seven days of submitting a device to O2 Recycle will be matched. And it's even possible to grab that device back for free if the price paid doesn't suit. Having now paid out £100 million to customers, it's clear that O2 Recycle is the easy, trusted way to make a mint from unwanted technology. » more

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How to use O2 Recycle Promotional Codes

  1. Turn Your Used Electronics Into Cash with 02 Recycle

    Visit to find out how much your used mobile phone, digital camera, mp3 player, iPod, satellite navigational system, or tablet is worth. O2 recycle will give you cash for your used electronics and pay for you to ship it to them.

  2. Pick the Gadget You Want to Sell

    Once on their website, under “How much is your phone worth,” select your device, manufacturer, and model from the dropdown menus. The site will automatically forward you to the next step.

  3. Recycle Your Electronics

    This page will tell you how much your electronic device is worth, displaying the make and model number, a picture, and how much the gadget is worth. To get that amount for your item, you must agree to sell today, as offers can change quickly. The amount you are offered does not change due to scratches and other wear and tear on the item.

  4. Accept the Amount

    To accept the displayed amount, click the blue “Sell My Mobile Phone” button. If selling an item other than a phone, the button will display the name of the item you are selling. For example, if you are selling a digital camera, the button will say “Sell My Digital Camera.”

  5. Checkout to Get Paid

    At the checkout page, you can “add another gadget” if you like, or just sell this one. Enter your personal information in all the required fields under “your details.” Choose how you would like to receive your payment under “your payment.” You can have the money deposited into an account, have them mail you a cheque, add credit to your O2 account, or donate the funds to a charity.

  6. Enter the Promotional Code

    Choose a promotional code from Enter this into the space at the bottom of the “your payment” box.

  7. Wrap it Up

    Choose how you would like to send your device, whether you would like to create an O2 account or not, and read the terms and conditions by checking the appropriate boxes. Click Submit and you’re done!

O2 Recycle Customer Reviews

Very slow payment process - week from time they get it even to bank account

O2 take a week to send the payment after quoting the price and that is to a bank account.Very disapointing really considering they quote same day payment on their wesite.

Shopping Tips for O2 Recycle

Offers and Deals for You

Free Postage

When you recycle your device with O2 Recycle, they’ll send you a free pack with everything you need to post your gadget to them without paying a penny. If you’re concerned about your device getting lost in the post, you can send it via Special Delivery, but this will cost you extra.

Free Returns

Although you get a quote for your device on the O2 Recycle website, it can change after the staff have checked it out, if there’s any damage. If you’re not happy with the final price O2 Recycle quotes you after you’ve sent your gadget off, they’ll send it back to you totally free of charge. This makes recycling your device with O2 Recycle practically 100% risk-free.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Top Price Promise

O2 Recycle is so keen to offer the very best prices when it comes to gadget recycling that they’ve put in place a top price promise. If you agree to recycle your device with O2 and then see another recycling service provider offering you better price within seven days, you’re entitled to the extra money you could have got by going elsewhere. To claim on the promise, visit the ‘Top Price Promise’ page on the O2 Recycle website and fill out the claims form. As long as O2 Recycle can verify that the higher price is genuine, they’ll pay you the difference.

Send Unlimited Devices

There is absolutely no limit to the number of devices you can send to O2 Recycle. So it’s worth rescuing old phones, wearables and games consoles doomed for the bin from friends and family if you really want to earn yourself a decent bit of cash.
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