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Quickbooks is a universal solution to all the accounting needs of small businesses. Geared towards small businesses, including independent contractors, retailers, e-commerce businesses, and even accountants, Quickbooks has a variety of tailored software options available. Day-to-day accounting requirements can be a daunting task for any business. However, by signing up with Quickbooks, entrepreneurs can integrate all their financial responsibilities, freeing up time and energy to devote to the aspects of their business that they have a passion for. The Quickbooks service offers a range of features that have proven to be popular among business professionals. Business owners can easily and efficiently access a range of tasks to facilitate business payment and management, including setting up recurring invoice payments, accessing reports such as balance sheets and profit and loss, and automatic tracking of stock levels. There is strong encryption to ensure the business' data is secure at all times. One of the most attractive features available is the ability to pay employees via the service. Business owners simply enter the employee's details, and Quickbooks does all the required payroll calculations, generating payslips that can be printed out or sent by email. VAT headaches are eased, too. Quickbooks provides users with instant access to their VAT liability at any given time. The accounting software seamlessly generates all the information required to file the business' quarterly VAT return. Business owners can begin immediately with a free trial of the service, or benefit from discounts by paying for their subscription from the start. » more

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Free trial

If you’re interested in signing up for QuickBooks but don’t want to put down any cash, take out a 30-day free trial first. You can get a free trial for any of the Simple Start, Essentials or Plus packages and during this time, you’ll have full access to everything that you would have if you were paying full price for the software. You don’t have to provide payment details when you sign up, so you won’t have to worry about nasty surprise charges when your free trial is over. One important thing to keep in mind – if you do take out a free trial, you’ll have to pay full price for the software afterward if you decide you want to carry on using it. If you don’t take out a free trial, you’ll get a discount when you sign up for a long-term subscription.

Free for accountants

Are you an accountant? Then you’re in luck – you can access to QuickBooks Online Accountant for free, regardless of how many clients you have. Not only that, but your clients also get a special discount when they sign up for the Simple Start, Essentials or Plus package. To sign up for a free accountant package, click on the ‘For accountants’ link on the top navigation bar and click on the ‘sign up for free’ button.

Long-term discount

If you’re certain you want to sign up for QuickBooks with Inuit, you’ll get a much better price (up to 40% less!) if you pay for a whole year in one go, instead of paying for one month at a time. To give you an example, the Essentials package costs £15 per month on a per-month payment basis or just £10.50 per month on an annual payment basis. Keep in mind that if you took out the free trial mentioned above, you won’t be able to take advantage of this discount and will have to pay full price, regardless of how long a subscription you take out.

Move your data for free

If you’re currently using Sage, Xero, Kashflow or VT and are put off from switching to Inuit because you don’t want the hassle, you’ll be glad to know that you can move your data from Sage to Inuit for free. To move your data to Inuit, you’ll need to prepare it yourself – don’t worry, there are clear details of how to do this on the Inuit website – then send the data to the Inuit staff who will migrate it for you, all at no extra cost.

Extra money saving tips

Follow Inuit online

One of the easiest ways of saving money with Inuit is to follow them online. The software company has active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where they post competitions you can enter to win big cash prizes and reminders about price reductions of up to 60%, plus loads of business tips and advice. The Twitter page is the most updated social media channel, where Tweets are posted several times every day, so check in as often as you can if you want to keep up.
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