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Sky Ireland Customer Reviews

Fantastic service from Sky Ireland

Very happy with my new Sky TV service. My wife agreed to let me sign on with the sports pack, mostly because our first month was free because of it. Now I have ESPN and loads of other sports channels, and there's no need to go over to the neighbours to watch footie which my wife appreciates as well. The picture is great, plus I love being able to pause or rewind live TV. Brilliant idea - especially when you'd like to catch a play over again during a match.

Shopping Tips for Sky Ireland

Offers and Deals for You

Welcome Freebies

If you’re new to Sky Ireland and sign up for one of their bundles, you’ll able to take advantage of some fantastic welcome freebies, like the latest tablet or TV. Whenever these welcome offers are available, they’re always time limited, so make sure you snap them up whilst you can. If there isn’t a freebie for new customers when you’re ready to sign up, there’s sure to be one around the corner. So it might be worth waiting another week or two before taking out a package to see if an offer becomes available.

Free Sky HD Box

As a new customer, you’ll also get a free Sky HD Box when you sign up for a contract of at least 12 months on the Sky Ireland website. Although the box itself is free, you’ll have to pay someone from sky to set it up for you which will set you back at least €30.

12 Months Half Price Sky Box Sets

New and current Sky Ireland customers can get 12 months access to Sky Box Sets for half the ordinary price. If you’re a current customer, you need to already have Sky TV to get this offer and if you’re a new customer, you need to sign up for the original bundle and the Sky Box Sets & HD bundle at the same time to get the discount.

Introductory Low Prices

One of the most common offers you’ll see on the Sky Ireland website is for an extra low price per month for the first 12 months. For example, one of the previous promos was Sky Fibre Unlimited for €45 per month for the first 12 months then €55 per month after. But don’t worry about the inevitable price hike. If you don’t want to pay the more expensive price, simply don’t renew your contract when it ends and choose another provider.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Introduce a Friend

Sky Ireland gives you the chance to earn yourself some extra cash by referring friends. To refer a friend, get them to call Sky Ireland and tell the customer service team that they’re being referred via the ‘Introduce a Friend Online’ scheme. They’ll then have to give your full name, address and Sky account number to join and when they do, you’ll each get €75 on a Prepaid MasterCard within 45 days! Sadly, not just anyone can be referred to Sky Ireland. For example, if your friend lives in an apartment, the offer probably won’t apply. So it’s worth giving Sky Ireland a call first to see if your friend will be eligible for the offer before you waste time trying to get a promo you simply can’t get.
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