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Knowing how to get the best deal on a mobile phone is always challenging. Every company promises the best in value and throws in special offers and gifts, so the array of deals on offer gets positively bewildering. But TalkMobile aims to change all that, with a commitment to making buying a mobile phone cheaper and easier. Run on the Vodafone mobile network since 2007, TalkMobile provides a series of pledges that clearly place the emphasis on a user-friendly business that caters to all.Every phone handset on offer is a tried-and-tested smartphone and the company's range of competitive price plans start from just £7 a month. And because the Vodafone network covers 99.7% of the UK population, TalkMobile customers benefit from great reception across the country. TalkMobile's phone range covers all the popular brands, including Apple, HTC and Samsung. And when it comes to designing a plan for customers covering monthly minutes, texts and mobile data, TalkMobile will always customise the plan to meet the user's needs. » more

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  1. Find a cheap mobile

    Pay monthly or pay as you go with Talk Mobile. They offer a variety of plans and price points to fit your budget and talk needs.

  2. Add a phone to your basket

    Find the right mobile for you, then click "order online." You'll be taken to your basket to review your order; once you've looked it over and confirmed it's correct, it's time to add your code.

  3. Add your code

    Head to and find the Talk Mobile code you'd like to use. Copy the code, then paste it in the box at the bottom of your Talk Mobile basket. Click "enter" and your total will be updated. Click "secure checkout" when you're all done.

  4. Contact details

    Add your name and billing address, then tick the boxes to agree to the terms. Click "place order" to continue.

  5. Pay for your mobile

    Enter your credit/debit card details, then click "place order." Your new mobile will be on the way!

TalkMobile Customer Reviews

I discovered Talkmobile on the net and liked what i saw

I don’t like contracts and most of the pay-as-you-go options are too inflexible to suit my lifestyle. I need to be in control of how much I spend on the mobile phone calls and contracts tend to get away from you. They also work out too expensive to make it worth my while.
I discovered Talkmobile per chance on the internet and immediately liked what I saw. They have flexible rates as well as flexible top-up options. One of the best options that I’ve seen is the option to top-up online. This helps me a lot as I’m in front of my computer most of the time. Along with the online top-up option they also offer various rewards like free texts and talk time minutes.
I also like the idea that I can take my pre-paid phone with me when I travel abroad and still receive calls and messages – something that I couldn’t get from other mobile phone providers. I travel a lot and it’s important that I can stay in touch. Their international rates are very affordable.
Talkmobile also has the top-of-the-range mobile phones available if you need a new one. You can order a phone and a SIM card online and they will deliver it your door. You can also collect it from one of their shops if you want to. Their focus is clearly on customer service and convenience.
I will gladly recommend Talkmobile to anybody needing a new mobile phone provider.

Brilliant solution for my teenage kids

My daughters are just getting to the age where they're on the phone 24/7 it seems. They were going over our allotted minutes and especially the texts every month, and finally I said they were getting pay as you go phones. Talkmobile made it easy for me to switch to a pay as you go option, and although my daughters aren't speaking to me at the moment, now I don't have to worry about them texting me out of house and home. Once they're old enough to get jobs, they can pay for their own phones! The site was easy to navigate and it took a few minutes for me to read through and decide on options for both of them, I also like how you can top up your minutes/texts online so the whole thing is quite simple. The phones were affordable themselves, and I wound up getting them the Samsung Galaxy which seems like it has some great features. Overall I'm extremely happy with Talkmobile and I hope this solves the texting wars.

Shopping Tips for TalkMobile

Offers and deals for you

Free delivery

All mobile phones on the TalkMobile website are delivered for free within the UK in 3-4 working days. With this freebie delivery option, you could be better off paying a few pounds more to place your order with TalkMobile, instead of buying the phone for less from another retailer who charges you extra for postage and packaging. It could work out cheaper overall this way.

Free handsets

All the TalkMobile contacts come with a free handset. So if you’re comparing the price between suppliers, it could work out cheaper for you to pay a few pounds more to take out a contract with TalkMobile, instead of getting a cheaper contract from another retailer who charges you for the handset on top of the monthly contract price.

Pay as you go rewards

If you prefer pay as you go to contracts when it comes to your mobile phone, you’ll benefit from loads of freebies every time you top up. From the second time you put credit on your phone, you’ll be able to opt for free texts (Textmania), free international calls (Globetalker), free UK minutes (Chatterbox) or free minutes to UK landlines plus free texts and minutes to other TalkMobile numbers (Family Fusion). Each of the freebies lasts for a certain number of days according to the amount of money you’re topping up with and you can choose a different freebie every time.

Extra money saving tips

European Union data limit

When you sign up for a contract with TalkMobile, you’ll automatically be signed up for the European Union data limit. This freebie service means that as soon as you spend €50/£41 on roaming data within the EU, your data will automatically be cut off. You’ll receive a message when you’re getting close to the limit and you’ll get another when you can no longer use any data. It’s really tricky to know when you’re using data abroad (think app updating and email synching which go on unknown in the background) so this service could help you avoid racking up huge data bills unknowingly. You can opt out of the European Union data limit whenever you like by contacting TalkMobile via phone or live webchat.

SIM-only plans

If you’ve decided to sign up for one of TalkMobile’s SIM-only plans, it will work out cheaper overall for you to commit to 12 months of the plan instead of just one month. For example, the 30-day small plan costs £7.50, whereas the 12-month small plan costs £7.00 per month – that’s a saving of £6 per year. However, if you’re not sure whether you’ll want to stick to the same plan for a whole year, you’ll be better off paying for your SIM-only plan on a monthly basis, so you’ll only ever be committed to 30 days at a time.
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