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With Uber, you can forget paying extortionate taxi fares or waiting around for hours for a cab. Simply open up the Uber app, submit a trip request and an Uber driver will be there to pick you up and whisk you away in just minutes, all for a reasonable price you’re happy to pay. Better yet, the whole process is entirely cashless – you pay for your ride via the app after you’ve arrived at your destination – so you don’t need to worry about doing a whip round with your friends for cab fare if you’re a bit short of cash. Combine genuinely low fares with no need to tip and the option to share your ride with others to save even more cash and you’ve got a super-convenient mode of transport that will get you from A to B for a fraction of the price of a typical cab! It might sound too good to be true, but there’s no need to be suspicious. Uber started out in San Francisco, California in 2007 and has since then expanded into more than 58 countries and 396 cities worldwide, making it a legitimate business you can rely on. Before you request your next ride, make use of one of our promo codes below and you could stand to save even more on your journey! » more

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James says on 23rd April, 2016

Just tried the code uberonsale, great discount 🚀, Thanks for the review and all good pieces of advice found on the website. It is invaluable to get access to so many deals and opportunities, as well as not making any bad decisions

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Find your friend invite code in the Uber app by tapping 'Free Rides' in the main menu. Referral promotion codes are applicable to an invited user's first ride.

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Extra Money Saving Tips


Although uber is already a cheaper alternative to taxis, you can save even more money with uberPOOL. This service is essentially carpooling which means that instead of riding alone in an uber car, you’ll be riding with other people going your way and will share the cost of the fare between you. To use uberPOOL, simply select it through the app.

Use Facebook Messenger

Instead of getting an uber car via their app, do it through Facebook Messenger. First download the Facebook Messenger app on your phone if you haven’t already, open up a new message and click on the ‘More’ option (the three horizontal dots). You’ll then see a ‘Transportation’ tab which you can click on to connect to your uber account. The first time you book your ride this way, you’ll get a fairly big discount.

New User Promos

Uber is always advertising money saving promotions for new riders. Even if you’re not a new rider yourself, if you’re travelling with someone who has never used uber before, take advantage! Get the person you’re travelling with to quickly download the app and set up an account to enjoy new rider promotions on your way to your next night out.

Report Bad Rides

If you legitimately have a bad experience with a driver, don’t hesitate to report it to uber support. The company takes complaints seriously and will credit your account with some cash to compensate.
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