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Richard Branson's Virgin brand has become a by-word for fun and quality over the years, with a range of everything from flights to television. They're known for never taking themselves too seriously and that same irreverent approach has been rolled out to phones, with Virgin Mobile proud to present themselves as the easy, accessible alternative in a mobile market that's become saturated in detail-heavy and rather dull brands. Log onto Virgin Mobile and be wowed by the offers that abound, from the fabulous iPhone 5s at a low monthly rate to the double data allowance on all their Pay Monthly phones. Free gifts are fantastic, with a 32" LG TV on offer for the purchase of the new LG G5 and accompanying tariff, or try a new make on for size, with the bright KAZAM Tornado 348, which includes 1GB of data and unlimited texts. The fast and friendly Virgin Mobile team are on hand to help with any queries and the website is fresh, splashy and easy-to-use with an abundance of clear prices, great value and no-nonsense talk. » more

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Great service, great phones, great price

VM uses the sprint network, which seems to be much better than when I tried sprint several years ago. The service is reliable, the connections are clear, I almost always have a signal, and I get unlimited text & web included instead of having to double the phone bill like with other providers. I like the kickback program because if you refer others to sign up you get free minutes. For example, if you use mine, vtenuwm4, you'd get an extra 60 minutes added to your account, and so would I. And these bonus minutes don't expire. You can also try it out for 30 days and if you don't like it get a full refund on the phone and months charges.

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Free SIM Cards

Whether you decide to go for a pay monthly SIM, a pay as you go SIM or a data SIM, you’ll never have to pay for the SIM card itself with Virgin Mobile. The trusted network sends out all SIM cards totally free of charge: you’ll only ever have to pay for the minutes, texts and data you use.

PAYG Freebies

If you’re a Virgin Mobile pay as you go customer, you get free minutes, texts or data every time you top up with at least £10. To get your freebies, after you’ve topped up and chosen your tariff, be on the lookout for a text message offering you the freebie packages. This text will arrive within 48 hours of you choosing your tariff and will give you all the instructions you need to get your freebie.

Free Minutes for Keeping Your Number

Getting a new number can be more hassle than it’s worth and Virgin Mobile makes keeping your old number an even better option by giving you 100 minutes to any UK network for free when you stick with it. To keep your old number and switch to Virgin Mobile, you’ll need to order a new SIM card from Virgin Mobile, ask your current provider for your PAC code and give Virgin Mobile a call. They’ll ask you for the PAC code and will transfer your number in just one working day.

Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger, Email and Data

If you’ve got a pay as you go SIM for your BlackBerry, you can take advantage of unlimited BlackBerry messenger, email and data just by topping up £2 per week or £5 per month. To get unlimited access, text ‘week’ or ‘month’ to the number found under the ‘Boost Your BlackBerry’ section on the PAYG tariff page. Make sure you’ve got at least £2/£5 credit to cover the costs before you send the text. You’ll get unlimited access from the day you send the text for the next seven days or 30 days, depending on which package you selected.

Free Gifts

Some of the Virgin Mobile contracts come with free gifts, like a free iPad with the latest Apple iPhone. So if you’re comparing prices between different service providers, it could work in your favour to pay a few pounds more for your contract each month with Virgin Mobile and get the freebie, instead of opting for a cheaper contract with a different company which doesn’t give you any freebies and then paying extra to buy it. If you want to be certain you’re getting the best deal possible, look at how much the freebie currently sells for online. Then work out how much extra you’ll be paying overall to have a contract with Virgin Mobile. If the extra you’re paying works out less than the cost of the freebie, it’s definitely worth it.
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