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DFDS Seaways Promotional Codes

DFDS Seaways delivers reliable and high frequency freight services. The company integrates passenger and freight services. The routes include both freight and passenger options, as well as port terminals to handle passengers and cargo. The company has provided ferry service since it was founded in 1866 and has one of the largest fleets in northern Europe. Some of the same routes they used in the 1800s are still followed today. They are the leading ferry operator in the world. The company offers ferries to Holland, Denmark, and France. They have additional routes from the UK and Germany, making it a convenient way to travel when on holiday. The ferries operate daily on routes that include Newcastle to Amsterdam, Dover to Dunkirk, and Dover to Calais. Other routes include Kiel to Klaipeda and Copenhagen to Oslo. The ferries sail to destinations that include Haarlem, Amsterdam, and Esbjerg with mini cruises. You will spend two fun nights onboard when you take a mini cruise. The trips are filled with entertainment and offer scenic surroundings. Festive mini cruises that include the Aladdin Pantomime Event, New Year's Eve, and Boxing Day are offered. Voucher codes are available that you can redeem with DFDS Seaways.

How to use DFDS Seaways Promotional Codes

  1. Planning your trip to France?

    If you’re in the mood for a little je ne sais quoi, be sure to get online and visit DFDS Seaways and book your ferry to France, Holland or Denmark. You can take your car by ferry or book a mini cruise to the various destinations.

  2. Let the site work for you

    All you have to do is pick your route and dates in the left hand side of the homepage and the site will find its best fares for you. To get additional savings, be sure to look for a promotional code. Open another browser window and go to to find a savings code. Copy the code and return to the original window. Paste it into the box asking for “Offer Code” and proceed by clicking on “book now”.

  3. Pick and choose

    The next page will give you a list of timed ferries to choose from, as well as prices. Select what time of day you want to sail for both legs of your journey. Then scroll down the page and select from an upgrades you might like. Select the length of your car. And, finally, select your payment method. At the bottom of this page, you should see the final price breakdown. Click on “Continue”.

  4. Review your trip

    The following screen will ask you to check your itinerary at the top of the screen. Under that it will ask for contact details and for information about your passengers and your car. Be sure to have your car registration to hand. Read the terms and conditions and then click on “Continue”.

  5. Payment

    This final step of the process will ask for your Paypal or credit card information. Be sure to input your card details, name and verification code before clicking on “Pay”. Save and/or print the final screen for your records and save the itinerary for your diary.

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DFDS Seaways Customer Reviews

I didn't know ferry crossings could be so inexpensive

This site is brilliant. I cannot believe I’ve been wasting so much more money on ferry crossings in years past. I just booked a crossing in August for round trip from England to France for £56, and that includes the car, two adults and two kids. That’s crazy cheap. We’re really excited about our trip. The friends who are renting the villa with us booked through a different ferry operator, and they’re paying a whole lot more, so I feel really lucky to have found this site. We are going back again at the end of the year, and I will definitely be booking with DFDS.

Saved us hundreds on our holiday

I never took a ferry before, instead opting to fly or hop on the Chunnel and hire a car once at our destination, but this year my wife and I decided to try something new and booked a crossing to Amsterdam on DFDS. With money tight, we thought this would be a good way to save a few quid on car hire and I liked the idea of having our own vehicle with us. I had no idea how cheap it would be, and the price included our car. At these rates, I'll never set foot on a plane or the Eurostar again!! Of course the one downside is that you then have to pay for parking once you arrive, but even so we still spent loads less than we would have on flights and a rental.

Smooth sailing to Amsterdam coming our way

I wanted to do a little something special for my wife for our anniversary this year. She’s always wanted to go to Amsterdam, but she hates flying. So this year I decided to try and get her there by boat. Through DFDS I was able to book a fab mini cruise that will take us overnight to Amsterdam and back, all within 2.5 days. And it was so cheap. I can’t wait to tell her about the trip. She’ll be so excited. This website made it so easy to plan, find and buy the tickets. I’ll definitely use it again.

Shopping Tips for DFDS Seaways

Offers and Deals for You

The Special Offers section of the website is where you want to head if you’re looking to snap up a low-cost deal. Here you’ll find all sorts of offers on ferries to France, Holland and Denmark, with prices starting from only £34 per person. These special rates are usually only available on specific travelling times and must be booked before a certain date, so make sure you check the small print before you jump in.

Multi-Trip Tickets

If you regularly flit between the UK and France, consider getting a multi-trip ticket. Available on single and return crossings on the Dover to Dunkirk and Dover to Calais ferry routes, this ticket allows you to pay a fixed rate for each of your trips, making it much cheaper than buying a regular ticket for each of your journeys.

The more you travel, the more you save! Here are the current rates:

  • 3-4 return trips - £29 each way

  • 5-8 return trips - £27 each way

  • 9-11 return trips - £25 each way

  • 12+ return trips - £22 each way

Each of the multi-trip tickets is valid for one calendar year, so try and buy it as close to the start of January as you can in order to get the most value.

Early Bird Offers

Being organised really does pay off with DFDS Seaways’ early bird offers. By booking your Amsterdam mini cruise 60 days or more in advance, you’ll save a whopping 30% on the standard price. That works out at around £55 per person for two nights on the cruise, five hours in Amsterdam and coach transfers, based on two sharing. It works out at only £36 per person based on four sharing.

If you’d rather go elsewhere, check out the early bird Denmark offers. If you book 60+ days before travelling, you could save a massive 25% on your mini Esbjerg cruise.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Pre-Book Your Meals

If you’re travelling for a few days and plan on buying food onboard, save some serious cash by booking your meals in advance. When you pre-book your onboard meals through the DFDS Seaways website, you’ll get a superb discount of up to 25%, in comparison to the prices you’ll pay on the ship.

Follow DFDS Seaways Online

Keep up-to-date with all the latest deals and offers at DFDS Seaways by following them online. The leading transport network has active accounts on Facebook and Twitter which are updated at least once each day, so make sure you check back regularly if you don’t want to miss out.

Although the top money-saving promotions are few and far between – sometimes they’re spaced weeks apart – previous offers posted have included discounted ferry rates to France, tips on how to get the best prices, choose your own discount deals and savings on specific routes.

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