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Virgin Media is out to simplify life. They are the first company in the UK to offer customers broadband, telly, phone and mobile services. In order to entice users into their web, they offer irresistible package deals, many with the addition of tempting freebies (no one can pass up the offer of accessing Netflix free for six months). In addition to excellent savings, Virgin Media has a lot to boast about when it comes to their products. They've got the fastest broadband in the UK and multiple users in the same house can be on at the same time. Their telly package comes with over 200 channels. Talkers and texters can choose unlimited talk and text options and even save money on their monthly bill. So get ready, media lovers, it's time to get with the program and switch to Virgin Media. » more

Virgin Media Promotional Codes and Voucher Codes

Save £21 a month for the first 12 months of your contract PLUS get all the BT sport channels and 200mpbs broadband. The bundle includes 245 channels, including disney channels and the line rental is included in the price

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How to use Virgin Media Promotional Codes

  1. Sign Up With Virgin Media & Save!

    If you're looking for the latest technology for broadband, phone and TV, then feast your eyes on Virgin Media and the numerous packages to suit your needs. Use a promotional code for even more savings on your home entertainment and media!

  2. Add A Service To Your Basket

    Once you've found a Virgin Media TV, broadband or phone service you'd like to use, click "start your order" alongside the product.

  3. Is Virgin Media Available Near You?

    If you are new to Virgin Media then simply enter your postcode and click check. If you're an existing customer, choose "see existing customers offers" to add on new services to your package.

  4. Create Your Bundle

    Once you have clicked through you then must select the perfect bundle! Click on the extras you require from the broadband, TV and phone types available by ticking the boxes available. You can see all prices at the end of the page and when you're happy, click 'review and buy.'

  5. Apply Your Promotional Code

    You are now at the order summary page and here is where you enter your Virgin Media promotional code! Open in a new window and find a Virgin Media code for your order. Click "view code & open site" and copy the code, then paste it in the promotional codes box in your Virgin Media basket. Click "submit" to display your new price. When you're ready click "Buy Now" to continue.

  6. Review, Arrange & Confirm

    After reviewing your order and hitting the "Buy Now" button, new customers will be required to enter all their details such as address and bank details for the direct debit. You will now click "Continue to Checkout". Here you will also be required to select a date for installation and collection if required. Fill out all the details and tick the privacy policy box and the box that accepts you will undergo a credit check in order to become a Virgin Media customer. You will have a chance to review all details before you finally confirm your order and it's all done and dusted!

Virgin Media Customer Reviews

Great choice for TV and broadband

I signed up for Virgin Media for TV and broadband after loads of problems with my old provider. So far, so good with Virgin and I'd definitely recommend it to others. The picture is nice and clear, and the selection of channels is fantastic. I haven't any issues with the service going out or losing channels as I did before with our other TV service. The Internet speed is quite fast as well, and very reliable. I liked the ease of signing up for the package online and got a half price deal for six months on the TV so that was fab. Overall very happy and I won't be switching any time soon.

Shopping Tips for Virgin Media

Offers and Deals For You

Existing Customer Deals and Tips

If you’re already a Virgin Media customer and you want to reduce your monthly bill, give Virgin Media a call and practice your haggling skills. MoneySavingExpert publishes a list of the best companies to haggle with and Virgin Media sits pretty at number six with a discount success rate of 80%. So pick up the phone and tell them you are leaving if you want to hear about the very best deals they’re keeping under wraps!

Use Virgin Smart Phone Effectively

Virgin Smart Phone is a new service from Virgin Media which only their phone customers can benefit from. This service allows you to use your home phone package through your mobile phone at no extra cost. So if your mobile contract currently has zero minutes, simply tap into your home phone plan with SmartCall app from Virgin Media to carry on calling. Virgin Smart Phone works via Wi-Fi, so no need to worry about patchy reception.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Pay with Direct Debit

Want to save £60 a year for doing hardly anything at all? Then log into your Virgin Media account and simply switch from paying your bills via your current method to direct debit. After you’ve done this, you’ll get a £5 discount on your bill each month.

Switch to E-Billing

You can save an additional £21 a year on top of the direct debit discount by switching to e-billing. You’ll still get a bill each month, but instead of it being pushed through your letterbox in an envelope, it will be sent to you via email.

Refer a Friend

Know someone who’s in the market for a new broadband, TV or phone package? Then make sure you refer them to Virgin Media! For every person you refer to the service provider who signs up for a package, you’ll both be rewarded with a £50 discount off your next bill. The person you refer to Virgin Media doesn’t need to be a brand new customer. As long as they haven’t been with Virgin Media in the last six months, you’ll both qualify for the discount. You can refer a maximum of 25 people to Virgin Media per calendar month – that’s a potential £1,250 in credit you can rack up each month if you’ve got a never-ending circle of friends – so get referring!

Virgin Media Student Discount

Looking for a student discount? Virgin Media always has some great student deals running during August and September, when new students are looking to get broadband for their shared houses. NUS Extra Cardholders are also able to snap up the heavily discounted nine-month unlimited super-fast broadband, which means you won’t be stuck with big bills during the summer when you’re not online.
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