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Vodafone Promotional Codes

What can you say abut Vodafone ( which has not already been said? For years they have been leading the mobile revolution, offering an array of new and exciting services to their ever growing band of customers. Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and all other leading brands are highly visible on the Vodafone website, ensuring that you have the latest and greatest handsets on tap. They also offer the full range of pay as you go and contract offers, whether you are looking for texts, mobile to mobile, internet access or any combination, its there for you online and ready to go. Check out their great promotional codes for further discounts.

Active Vodafone Promotional Codes & Discount Codes

How to use Vodafone Promotional Codes

  1. Keep in touch with Vodafone

    Choose from a huge variety of mobile phones, accessories, iPads and more from Vodafone. Pick a plan to suit your budget and usage needs & use a promo code to save some £££!

  2. Add items to your basket

    Click "add to basket" and you'll be taken to your basket straight away. Review the details of your basket and make sure everything's correct, then get ready to add your code.

  3. Grab a promo code

    Find a Vodafone code on the Promotional Codes website, then reveal it y clicking "view code & open site." Paste your code in the "promotions" box back at your Vodafone basket and click "apply." Click "proceed to checkout" when you're done.

  4. Add contact info

    Enter your name, address and other contact details, then choose a delivery option. Click "proceed to payment details."

  5. Enter payment

    Select your card type, then enter in your card details or bank account for direct debit. Tick to agree to the terms and conditions, then click "proceed to confirm order." Take one last look at your basket before placing your order. You'll receive a confirmation and your Vodafone products will be on the way!

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Vodafone Customer Reviews

Switched to Vodafone and really pleased

I was using a different mobile provider for years and not thrilled with the service in the past 6 months or so, lots of dropped calls etc. Since my contract came to an end I looked into Vodafone and so far I've been well chuffed w/ the choice. My plan is about the same price, but the service is loads better, and I do get more on the plan than I did before (more texts and so forth). No problems signing up online and choosing my phone, everything was really straightforward. I'd recommend them if you're looking to change mobile providers.

Long time customer and very happy

I've never held a mobile phone contract with anyone other than Vodafone. In 11 years I've never doubted them. Some many say that only means I don't know what I'm missing elsewhere, but I've never thought about it like that. I'm very happy with the service they provide me with and the staff, whether they be in store or on the telephone or email service, are always very polite and do their absolute best to help. I used to go into the store every year to upgrade, but now I'm a bit older and I don't work in the centre of town anymore I've taken to doing a lot of stuff online. I use the website to manage my account and to do my upgrades. It's very efficient and I've yet to have a problem. Would definitely recommend Vodafone.

Ease of use is great here at Vodafone

My mum is getting on in years and I wanted her to have a mobile to use in emergencies or calling the grandkids and such. She'd been staunchly opposed but finally I talked her into it. I have to say that Vodafone has been great, and the prices are really suited to whatever lifestyle and usage you want out of the phone. I was able to search for a basic model on the site and then chose a plan that would be affordable on a pensioner's budget but had enough minutes that she wouldn't go over the limit. I found the site easy to use and knowing my mum isn't able to do things on the computer, this took the burden off her and I was able to choose everything she had to get started.

Shopping Tips for Vodafone

Offers and deals for you

Free SIM cards

If you’re new to Vodafone and don’t want to commit yourself to a long-term contract, your best option is to sign up for a pay-as-you-go SIM card. Although you have to pay for the phone calls, texts and data that you use, the SIM cards themselves are totally free.


If you’ve got a Vodafone pay-as-you-go SIM card, you can sign up for one of their Freebee programmes to get extra value for your money. Every time you top up your phone with £10, you’ll get a special bonus according to which programme you’ve signed up for. The programmes you can choose between are:
  • Freedom Freebee for unlimited UK texts + 150 UK minutes + 500mb UK data
  • Freebee Minutes for 150 free UK minutes
  • Freebee Texts for 1,000 free UK texts
  • Freebee Data for 500mb free UK data
  • Freebee International for 60 free international minutes
Whenever you top up with £10, you’ll also receive Rewardz Pointz which you can use to get all sorts of extra freebies, like free DVD rentals, speakers, headphones, mobile phone accessories and even smartphones.

Free smartphones

If you’re signing up for a long-term contract with Vodafone, you should look into taking advance of their free smartphone offers. To get your hands on a free phone, you usually need to take a contract out for at least 24 months and pay anything from £20 upward per month for minutes, texts and data. If you’re after the best deal, do the maths and work out how much you’ll have paid by the end of your contract and compare it to how much the smartphone you want costs, to see if you’re getting value for money by signing up for the contract.

Extra money saving tips

Follow Vodafone online

Liking Vodafone on Facebook, following them on Twitter and adding them into your circles on Google+ are the best ways of keeping up with all the latest special offers from Vodafone. Although most of the posts on these social media channels are about products and the latest gadgets, every few weeks a post advertising a new sale or promotion pops up. Each of the social media channels is usually updated 1-2 times each day, so check in as often as you can if you want to keep up.

Trade in your old phone

If you’re planning on buying a new phone, don’t just throw your old one away – instead, trade it in and get some money for it. To trade in your phone, visit the Vodafone Trade In page and type in the model or IMEI number to find out how much you’ll get for it. If you’re happy with the price, package the phone up and send it to Vodafone – you’ll receive your money within 24 hours of sending it.

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