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One of the top mobile network providers in the UK and Ireland, Three Ireland should be one of the first ports of call for anyone looking for great value mobile packages and all the latest handsets. Whether shoppers are searching for an Android device, a Windows phone or the latest Apple product, Three can provide a package to suit, with both 3G and 4G networks available. Featuring ranges from all the leading manufacturers like Sony and Samsung, Three Ireland ensure that all customers benefit from competitive prices and great deals on calls, texts and inclusive data. With mobile phones to suit all pockets and tastes, it couldn't be easier to find a suitable deal. As well as their traditional monthly plans, there is also a choice of Prepay SIMs and SIM only deals, making Three Ireland a truly flexible network that is committed to serving the needs of their valuable customers. » more

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Free Delivery

Whenever you shop with Three Ireland, your order will always be delivered free of charge, regardless of whether you’re spending €200+ on a new phone or just €10 on a new SIM. This means it could work out cheaper for you to pay a couple of euros more to buy your item directly from Three Ireland, instead of paying less to buy the same thing from another online retailer which charges you extra for postage and packaging.

Free Calls and Texts

As a Three Ireland customer, you get unlimited phone calls and texts to all other Three Ireland customers included in the price of your plan. So if a lot of your friends or family have already joined the Three Ireland network, it might be worth you joining, too, so you can call and text each other for free.

Top-Up Freebies

If you prefer pay-as-you-go to contracts when it comes to mobile phones, Three Ireland could well be the best network for you. Every time you top-up your phone with €20, you’ll receive free unlimited data, free texts and free weekend calls to all Irish mobiles! These freebies last for 30 days and to keep them you’ll need to top-up your phone with €20 at least once every month.

Free Smartphones

Even if you’d prefer to take out a contract than sign up for a SIM-only deal, Three Ireland could still be your best bet since they’ll give you a free smartphone when you take out a contract. Not all contracts come with a free smartphone, although even the contracts which charge you for the phone do so at a massively discounted price, making them great deals, too. As with any mobile phone contract, you’ll be tied into a monthly bill for a set period, usually 18 or 24 months. To be sure you’re getting value for money, work out how much the contract will cost you overall. Then work out roughly how much the phone costs and minus it from the total. Finally, divide the remaining number by how many months the contract lasts to determine what you’re being charged each month for phone calls, texts and data. If you’re happy with the figures, go for it!

Extra Money Saving Tips

Follow Three Ireland Online

Once a month, Three Ireland hosts a competition exclusively for Three customers to win concert tickets or a new state-of-the-art mobile phone. Whenever this happens, Three Ireland posts all about it on their social media channels, so follow them on Twitter or like their page on Facebook. Since the competitions are held randomly, the best way of ensuring you don’t miss out on the next one is to like their page on Facebook and sign up for notifications. As well as competitions, the popular network also posts discounts with other companies only available for Three Ireland customers, pre-sale customer-exclusive tickets to incredible live events and the latest smartphones as soon as they’re available.
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