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In some circumstances, getting from A to B will require car rental services. This could be because of a faulty motor, or for people living in busy metropolitan areas where transport options mean that owning a vehicle isn't entirely necessary. Care hire in the United Kingdom and Europe is straightforward when done through the Avis website. Boasting a diverse fleet of motors, including General Motors (GM) and non-GM brands, Avis Rent a Car System, LLC. was founded way back in 1946. It promotes the slogan "It's Your Space" and is recognised as the world's third largest car rental agency. A major server of business travellers who require rental from major airports, it has been delivering first-class service for 70 years.Featured in the fleet are the Mercedes C-Class automatic and Toyota Yaris Hybrid. Want to show off a little bit? Check out the luxury smart hire cars, as well as the 'Prestige' and 'Select' series. Air conditioning, multiple airbags, seven-seaters and many other options are available. Enter an Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number to shave some money off the rental price. For fast-track service at the counter, join Avis Preferred. » more

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How to use Avis Promotional Codes

  1. Log on to Avis and hire a car!

    Get yourself over to the Avis website to hire a vehicle from any of their hundred of locations. With a fantastic range of cars on offer you can choose one to suit your style and personality with no fuss, and return to either the same or a different location from the one you hired from. Booking is simple, so get going!

  2. Complete the form for a Quote

    On the home page there is a form into which you can input details about your desired hire period. Add the dates, choose a pick-up location (using the Worldwide Search on the left if you need it) and a return location too. Make sure the “Sign in to your account” is set to “I don’t have either”.

  3. Find a code

    In a new tab or window open Find a code you would like to use and reveal it by clicking the “view code & open site” button. When you can see the code, copy it and head back to the Avis website!

  4. Apply your code to get money off

    Now, in the box titled “Avis Worldwide Discount”, paste the code you copied. Click “Get a quote” to move forward.

  5. Pick your vehicle

    On the next page you will be presented with a list of cars you are able to rent. Refine the list using the “Price”, “Size” and “Number of Luggage” boxes under the “View all” tab, or click the Small, Medium, Large and Select Series tabs to help you find what you’re looking for. Once you pick a car, click the “Continue” button to it’s right to move forward with your booking.

  6. Pick your extras

    On the next page you will need to choose whether to Pay Now (always cheaper) or Pay on Return. Below is a list of extras you may want to add to your booking such as child seats, GPS or additional drivers. Below that is a “Final Rental Checklist”. Read this through thorough and tick any applicable boxes. Click the button to Checkout.

  7. Complete your details and pay

    The final step is to complete your personal details along with details about your flight or arrival. You will also need to enter your payment details. Enter all the information, paying special attention to fields marked with an asterisk (*) as these are mandatory. Answer any other applicable questions and click the “Confirm Booking” button to place your booking. You will be forwarded to a confirmation page. Congratulations! Your booking is complete.

Avis Customer Reviews

Reliable car hire services from Avis

Avis has been brilliant for weekend car hire. Living in central London my wife and I don’t own a car, so when we want to get out of the city we’ve always booked our car hire with Avis. Our experiences with them have been overwhelmingly positive and the rates are affordable as compared to other car hire companies. Their website makes choosing a car and booking a snap. Once you enter the dates for your trip and the pick-up location the website displays all of the different cars available for those dates including the features on each vehicle.

The only disappointment I've had was when I planned a weekend break for August and I immediately checked the Avis website for the latest offers. They advertised weekend rentals from 16 pounds a day but as I assumed, it wasn’t valid in London. Even so I went through and booked their smallest car for two days, which ended up as 125 pounds total. Not terrible, I suppose, but not anywhere near 16 per day. Since there’s a car hire branch at Paddington it’s easy enough for us to hop on the tube and collect our car. Overall I’d recommend Avis since their customer service is great and the cars are well-maintained.

Nice to have a car with you on holiday

No issues with my latest rental from Avis. We opted to hire a car instead of taking the train to Edinburgh and it worked out fairly well, unless you count my boyfriend's awful driving. I arranged the car on their site and they had lots of options for cars on the date we needed, but we decided on the economy model. Next time I might get a larger vehicle for a long trip but otherwise everything worked the way it was supposed to, the car was there for us when we had booked it and the return was hassle free. It was cool to have a car this time on our holiday, so we could go off on day trips without trying to figure out transport or inconvenience our friends by borrowing theirs.


I was in a jam and needed a car. I tried others but not so helpful. Went on line and book car rental and went to rental office where they honor a discount I had found online and I was on my way in no time. I just felt they went beyond to help me in a situation and get me on the road. Definitely will use them again - That you Black Walnut -Avis Rental in Bellefonte Pa.

Such a simple booking system and no hitches on pick-up!

I had a friend visiting from America. I don't actually own a car but she was intent on doing some serious sightseeing so I decided my only option was to rent. I booked to pick up from Heathrow airport where she flew in and drop off there too when she left. I thought the price would sky rocket when I added her as an additional driver, but it wasn't as much as I first thought and we shared the over all price so I thought it was pretty good value for money. The car was a small 3 door Peugot and although it was the cheapest of the lot it was absolutely beautiful and a joy to drive, even if it was small. I found the website so easy to use and was done with my booking within minutes of logging on. Often you hear about horror stories on pick-up of hire cars but there was no problem with mine. I showed the credit card I booked with and we both showed our licenses and off we went - no waiting time, no long complicated forms, perfect! The only reason I'm scrimping on the last star is because I feel like I could have got it cheaper if I had searched harder online. It was by now means cheap and did not line up with the "X pounds per day" tagline they have on their adverts, but as I said earlier, I did find it value for money and for the service we received I was happy to part with the cash. Would hire from them again and recommend!

Shopping Tips for Avis

Offers and Deals for You


If you’re on a tight budget but need to hire a car, check out the ‘Offers’ page on the Avis website. Here you’ll find a roundup of all the best deals, from multi-day discounts to price drops at selected pickup locations and free gift offers. There are UK-specific, European and worldwide offers, so no matter where you need to hire a car, you’ll always be able to save a bit.

Loyalty Programme

Avis Preferred

If Avis is your favourite car hire company, you could make some huge savings by joining Avis Preferred. This loyalty programme is free to sign up for and unlocks loads of benefits which get better the more you hire cars. When you sign up, you’ll get one free weekend rental in Europe, one €15 discount voucher, one upgrade voucher and £100 bonus toward rental spend within the first 60 days. When you move onto Avis Preferred Plus, you’ll get a free vehicle upgrade, free second driver, free weekend rental in Europe and priority car availability. Avis President’s Club is the top tier and gets you single vehicle upgrade guaranteed, free weekend rental in Europe and a guaranteed car. When you sign up for the loyalty programme, make sure you’ve opted in to receive the newsletter so all your vouchers show up in your inbox.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Follow Avis Online

Never miss out on another money saving opportunity ever again by liking the Avis page on Facebook, following them on Twitter or adding them into your circles on Google+. When you’re connected online, you’ll be kept in the know with discount codes, personalised special offers, price drops on selected pickup locations, competitions you can enter to win free car hire and exclusive price cuts only available for Facebook fans. Each of the social media channels is updated 2-3 times each week, so check in every few days if you want to keep up.

Pay in Advance

When you take out car hire with Avis, you get the option to pay for car hire online at the time of booking or pay for it on the day when you pick it up. Paying for it on the day is always the more expensive option, so make sure you’ve got the cash in your bank account ready and pay for your car hire in advance if you want to get the best price possible.
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