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Avon is one of the leading beauty companies in the world, and since being founded in 1886, has had a unique way of marketing its products. By selling direct to the customer through its local representatives, the company has always been able to offer terrific service and affordable prices on a whole host of cosmetics, skin and body care, and its success speaks for itself with the brand now selling in more than 100 countries. Customers now have the chance to shop at the company's online store, which is stocked with international brand names such as Avon Colour, Advance Techniques and ANEW. The Avon site is easy to use and maintains the company's commitment to good value. New items available to buy such as wellbeing merchandise, lingerie, and jewellery have also proved to be popular.With Avon, site visitors can be secure that if they register, their details will not be shared with a third party. Delivery of items purchased can be standard or express, and there is a no-argument returns policy with a money-back guarantee. For those clients that want a more personal service, the site can be used to find the nearest company representative to their home. Avon has excellent products at low prices, and voucher codes can also be used for even better value. » more

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How to use Avon Promotional Codes

  1. Become your own Avon lady or man

    Get online and go to Avon to find all the fantastic products you’ve loved for years. Keep up to date with each month’s new offerings and find the best savings possible.

  2. Find all your favourites

    Whether its skincare, lingerie or kids’ products you seek, Avon has it all. Use the left-hand navigation to select from the various categories and browse the hundreds of products on offer. When you find an item you can’t live without, type in the quantity you desire and click on “add to bag”. When you have finished shopping, scroll up to the top right-hand corner of your screen and click on “shopping bag”.

  3. Make sure everything is right

    Review your shopping bag to ensure colours, quantities and sizes are as they should be. At the bottom of this screen, it asks “Do you have a voucher code?” This is your invitation to find some savings. In another browser window, visit and search for a promotional code. Copy and paste it into the original window where it asks for “voucher code”. Then click on “Update Order” and check to make sure the discount has been applied. Now click on “Pay by credit/debit card” or “Pay by PayPal”.

  4. Tell them about yourself

    In this screen you need to log in as an existing customer or register as a new one. If a new customer, click on “Register”. In the following screen, double check your delivery address, select a delivery option, check to see that the totals are correct and then click on “Confirm and Pay”.

  5. Time to pay

    Provide your credit card details in this screen and click on “Submit Payment”. Save the final confirmation number and/or print the screen for your records.

  6. Congratulations

    You’ve taken on the role of your very own Avon lady or man. Well done, you. Now all you have to do is await your order.

Avon Customer Reviews

Avon ladies may become obsolete

This isn’t your grandmother’s Avon any more. I can remember my nan sitting down with the Avon lady every month to discuss the latest catalog and offerings. But I wouldn’t even know how to find an Avon lady today, and I don’t need to (though a cuppa with her would be nice) thanks to Avon online. The site has a section on how to become a representative, so there are clearly still Avon ladies the world over, but I tend to use the website. I have my favourite skincare products that I tend to order over and over, and I also like looking at the kiddy stuff for my daughters. My grandmother used to give me Avon collectibles (scented badges, cologne bottles, etc.), and I like doing the same for my girls. There’s a kid’s store on the site, and it’s really good at featuring the latest crazes. These days there are fewer badges and more ballerina decorations, but I didn’t expect them to have the same things they did 30 years ago. My girls love it when I surprise them with a gift from the kid’s store.

The best selection of beauty items out there!

My mum used to be an Avon representative so I grew up using their products. Although she gave it up ages ago, I still shop from Avon, now on their website. From time to time one of the ladies in the office brings in an Avon brochure and it’s easy because I can simply enter in the product numbers straight from the brochure using the quick order link on the homepage.

My favourite thing about Avon is the huge selection of products. I don’t know any other beauty or jewellery brand with such a variety of items, and good quality ones at that. I’ve been using their Skin so Soft products for years and they even help to repel bugs on family camping trips. The Skin so Soft moisturiser with glimmer gold flecks is my latest find and gives my skin a really gorgeous sheen which is perfect for the summer.

Another top thing about the Avon website is that you can buy nearly everything for under a tenner and with sales you can often find products at half off or buy one – get one free. Plus I can read reviews of the products so if there’s something new out there, I can see what others think before trying it. Great website and I’ll continue to be a proud Avon shopper!

Avon brings back memories for me

My neighbor was an Avon lady when I was growing up, so my mum and I have been shopping there for ages, and I suppose you can say I'm a lifelong customer! Now that I'm in my 30s, I really appreciate their affordable beauty products. I know I can get the trendy nail colours for 2 or 3 quid, rather than paying 15 for a designer brand at a department store (although I admit I do indulge from time to time). Now that my mums neighbor no longer sells Avon, I shop from the website and it's really easy. I used to love going through the catalogue with my mum, but now we just look online, as they have an online version of the brochure, although it's not quite the same clicking through. I buy most of my makeup from the site, and I've been starting to use the revitalising eye cream at night. It's nice how you can search through the skincare bit of the site by age, so I know what products to use for the 30s.

Shopping Tips for Avon

Offers and Deals for You

Free Returns

If you’re not 100% happy with anything you buy from Avon, you’ll be glad to know you can return all unwanted items free of charge for a full refund. To get your money back, package up your unwanted items along with the filled out returns form. Then stick the returns label (this was provided with your original order) on the front of the parcel and drop it off at your local Post Office. Make sure you get proof of postage, so you can still get a refund even if the parcel goes missing. As long as you return everything you don’t want in perfect condition within 28 days of delivery, you won’t have any problems getting your money back.


Go on a beauty shopping spree without going over budget by shopping in the ‘Clearance’ section of the Avon website. Here you’ll find a hundreds of products, from makeup, bags and body lotions to haircare tools, clothing and perfume, which have been discounted by up to 75% while stocks last. When these items sell out, they’re not going to come back in stock again. So if something tickles your fancy, get it into your basket while you still can! On the other hand, if you don’t see anything you like first time round, check back in a fortnight or so to see what’s been added since you last looked.


The ‘Offers’ section of the site is also great place to pick up a bargain. This page is full of an equally large selection of makeup, skin care products, bath and body care, fashion and fragrances which have been discounted, form part of a multi-buy offer or come with a free gift. All these offers are either time- or stock-limited. So if you spot a deal too good to be true, head for the checkout ASAP, before the offer ends!

Extra Money Saving Tips

Follow Avon Online

Never miss out on another giveaway or discounted promotion ever again by following Avon online. The beauty retailer has active social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter where they post competitions you can enter to win free Avon goodies, new product highlights, free gift offers, discount codes and general beauty advice you won’t want to miss. Each of the social media channels is updated several times every day, so check in as often as you can if you want to stay in the know.

Sign Up for the Newsletter

Another way of keeping up-to-date with all the latest Avon deals is to sign up for the newsletter. When you subscribe, you’ll receive regular emails from the beauty product retailer with exclusive special offers only ever sent out to subscribers, competitions you can enter to win free Avon goodies, free delivery offers and new product previews. You can cancel your subscription whenever you like by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link found in every Avon email and typing your email address into the box which appears.
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