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Turn your creative ideas into professional books, ebooks and magazines with Blurb. A self-publishing and marketing platform founded in 2005, Blurb makes it easier than ever to design, publish, promote and sell professional-grade printed books and ebooks. Simply create an account on their website, take advantage of their full suite of free book-making software, order however many copies you want then get to work on selling them. Today more than two million bookshop-quality books have been created on the site by writers, authors and photographers keen to make book without the hassle or expense of the other platforms out there. Take advantage of a big new shopper discount on your first Blurb book order then benefit from ongoing price drops when you order additional copies from there on out. Whether you want to kick start your writing career or just make one copy of your very own book for the sake of it, you can do all this quickly, easily and affordably with Blurb. » more

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