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    You don't appear desperate this way
    I hated the idea of spending money on various advertisements in order to see my classic Porsche, but I couldn’t just put the ad in...Show more
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    Free car valuation

    Whether you’re thinking of buying a second-hand car or want to sell your old one, you can use Desperate Seller’s free car valuation tool to find just how much it’s worth. When you know how much a car is worth, you’ll reduce your chances of getting ripped off and will be able to spot a real bargain if you’re buying, and if you’re selling, you’ll know how much you can haggle whilst still getting a fair price.

    Cheap cars

    If you need to buy a car but haven’t got much cash to spare, check out the ‘cheap cars’ section of the Desperate Seller website. Here you’ll find literally thousands of reduced cars priced from just £150. And with so many to choose from, you’re almost guaranteed to fins your perfect car within your budget. In the unlikely event that you don’t see a car you like, check back in a couple of weeks’ time. Hundreds of new cars are added every week, so you might find the car of your dreams up for sale tomorrow.

    Free advert package

    Want to save £19.95 and advertise your car for free on, and Then simply submit a review of the car you’re selling on the Desperate Seller website. It only takes a couple of minutes to write a review and when you’re done, you’ll get to advertise on three different second-hand car websites for free.

    If you’re not good with words and don’t want to write a review, there is another way you can bag yourself a free advert package – pay to advertise your car with Autotrader. When you buy a £9.95 Autotrader advertising package via Desperate Seller, you’ll get to advertise on, and at no extra cost.
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