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Finding the perfect partner to make precious memories with and potentially spend a lifetime with is a common goal for many people. Thanks to online dating website eHarmony, finding that perfect match is easier than ever. Suited towards people who crave long-term relationships, this trusted dating site was founded in 2000 by business partners Greg Forgatch and Neil Clark Warren.Neil, a psychologist and author on relationship advice, meticulously tested his theory pertaining to characteristics and interests as a way of linking people together. His idea and theory were so successful that the company's revenue exceeded $1 billion in 2009. Although eHarmony's headquarters are situated in Los Angeles, California, members from over 150 countries log into the online platform to find compatible lovers and to gain dating and relationship advice. Described as the "number-one dating website for singles", eHarmony's UK site made its debut in 2008 with millions of members from Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland finding the perfect match since. No credit card is required to sign up – only an email address, password, name, location and a description of the user's ideal match. What makes eHarmony so different from other dating sites is their in-depth character and feature questionnaire on the website, which is proven to lead to better matches and longer, more satisfying relationships. The personal stories and blog posts featured online prove why the scientifically adapted business is such a booming success. » more

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How to use eHarmony Promotional Codes

  1. Find your match at eHarmony

    If you're searching for love, eHarmony makes it easy to find that special person. Instead of leaving you to sort through thousands of profiles, they do work for you and send you matches based on common goals, beliefs and interests. Don't forget to grab a code to save on a subscription!

  2. Start your profile

    On the homepage, enter your name, whether you're seeking a woman or man, your postcode and email. Create a password, then click “find my matches."

  3. Fill out compatibility questions

    You'll go through a series of questions asking about you, your interests, personality traits and what you want in a mate. Allow about 20-30 minutes to fully consider the questions and then write a bit about yourself. Click "save and continue" at the bottom of each page when you're done with the questions.

  4. Your info

    Enter your city, confirm your postcode and choose how far you're willing to travel for a match, then click "save and continue."

  5. Add a photo

    Choose to upload a profile photo from Facebook or from your computer, or you can always opt to add one later or not at all. Click "finish and complete your profile," then "see subscription options."

  6. Add a code

    Choose the eHarmony promo code you'd like to use from the Promotional Codes site, then copy it and head back to eHarmony to paste it in the promotional code box. Click “go," then once your offer has applied, scroll up and choose an option for membership. Click "join now" under your selected plan.

  7. Payment

    Fill out your billing info and then type in your card details and click "continue." You'll get a confirmation of your subscription and your new matches will be emailed to you. Good luck!

eHarmony Customer Reviews

Find your true love at eHarmony

I know it's a cliche these days, but I met my husband 18 months ago online, through eHarmony, and I'm feeling the need to share our joy. We dated for three months and married -- we were that sure, and we were right. We have eHarmony to thank. If you're tired of being alone and think you could use some help finding your soulmate, give eHarmony a try. It's our first anniversary this week, and we're so grateful to eHarmony for bringing us together.

I decided it was time to put fate in my own hands

I turned the big 30 last year and was starting to fear a life of no husband, no kids, etc., the way most woman do around this age, I suppose. Most of my 20s were spent with long-term boyfriends, but the timing was never quite right. But now that the university years and the weekends filled with parties are over (everyone’s married after all), I was finding a bit harder to meet people, much less get engaged or married. My mum actually suggested I try e Harmony. For some reason, that really struck me – my mum was telling me to join an online dating service, because she was afraid I might end up alone. Yikes! So I went to the website, got a login and got started. At first, I wasn’t terribly hopeful. But about a month later, I found a match. I met him. I dated him. I loved him. And last weekend, I married him. Thank you e Harmony. You get my vote.

Went on some dates, but didn't work out

After my friends tried to convince me into joining eharmony for ages, I finally gave in. I thought the site was a bit of work. After this in depth profile, which takes forever to fill out, you have to go through these sets of questions, then send to them your proposed matches, and there are rounds and rounds of questions. I went on a few dates, but none of them really ended up working. It was a bit odd talking to someone online and on the phone and thinking it went great, but when we met up there was no chemistry. I did date one of the men for a few months, but ultimately we ended up being too different (which is funny since they match you on personality). I know the site has worked for others, but for some reason I just didn't find "the one."

Finally met a great guy online at eharmony

I've tried all the different dating sites, and this one finally worked for me. The sign up process took AGES, but other than that I give them high marks because it's not all about looking at photos and seeing who's hot. Although it was a bit annoying to have to answer so many questions, at least you know that you are being matched on those points and not something trivial. I talked to a few different blokes and eventually went on a date with one, and we're still seeing each other 3 weeks later. We'll see how it goes, but I'm hopeful!

Shopping Tips for eHarmony

Offers and Deals for You

Review Your Matches for Free

Even though you need to pay for a proper membership in order to get the most out of your eHarmony account, you can set up a profile and review your matches for free. This way you can see the type of people you’re compatible with on the dating site and work out whether or not it’s for you before you part with any cash. You can even send ‘winks’ to other eHarmony members with a free account, to let them know you’re interested. But if you want to properly get in touch with anyone on the website and send them messages, you’ll need to pay for the privilege.

Free Trials

From time-to-time, eHarmony gives you the chance to sign up for a full membership for a brief period (usually about seven days) for free! During this time, you’ll have complete access to every part of the website, just as if you were paying for a membership, giving you plenty of time to play around with the site and decide whether or not it’s right for you before you put any money down. When you sign up for a free trial, you’ll have to provide payment details. This means that unless you cancel your membership by calling the Customer Care team at least one day before your trial is due to finish, you’ll be charged for a full membership each month from there on out. But as long as you cancel in time, you won’t be charged anything in the future.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Follow eHarmony Online

Like the sound of getting your hands on all sorts of dating-related freebies? Then make sure you follow eHarmony online. The dating website has active social media accounts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter which they frequently update with success stories and giveaways you can enter to win everything from gift vouchers to luxury hampers and free eHarmony subscriptions. Although the social media accounts are usually updated once every weekday, the giveaways only appear once every month or so. Still, it’s worth checking in at least on a weekly basis, just to see if anything interesting has cropped up.

Sign Up for the Longest Subscription

If you’ve decided to jump in at the deep end and pay for an eHarmony membership, make sure you sign up for the longest subscription that you can afford. Unless there is a special offer up for grabs on one of the other subscription packages, the best value-for-money subscription is always the longest one which works out significantly cheaper per month than any of the others. However, if you find true love before the end of your eHarmony subscription, you can’t get a refund, so make sure you find a good balance between a value-for-money subscription and how long you think you’ll actually use the website to get the best deal for you.
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