25 Oct

Written by Shem on October 25, 2013


Women generally tend to have a great support unit behind them made up of many types of mates! We decided to categorise these different groups and here they are for your viewing pleasure!


The steady-eddie: This is your most reliable buddy who you know will be there for you no matter what. Whether that’s a night out, shopping partner or just to have a cuppa with! You will have known them for at least 5 years and their number shows up consistently in your caller ID. You will definitely be a part of each other’s bridal party!


Shopping buddy: This individual has your back when it comes to anything retail related! They can spot a great bargain, no your style and throw a credit card around like confetti! They will give you honest feedback and you both make great tag team partnership when navigating the sales!


The agony aunt: This person tends to be a friend who goes way back and knows everything about you! They are bang on with advice because they have experienced a lot more and they’re not afraid to tell it how it is!


The cry baby: This friend is always involved in drama and can be found most days crying on your shoulder or updating their Facebook status with cry for helps! They usually want your attention at really inconvenient times… but because you’re a good mate you always entertain it!


The Samantha: Ripped from the infamous character from Sex and the City, everyone has a Samantha in their lives! This person will do and say anything and can be labelled as wild! You can always expect fun nights out but sometimes you can party a little too much as she doesn’t know when to stop!


The Nigella: This pal is always keen on their dinner parties inviting people over to show off their domestic bliss is how they roll! They cook, clean and are all round amazing when it comes to homely activities. Yes they may show off a little, but their food and company is awesome!


Friend of a Friend: You have only been around this person a few times and are friends on Facebook, but that’s where the connection ends.  You don’t have much in common except your mutual friends and when you bumped into each other the chat doesn’t go too far and there’s usually an awkward vibe!


The married with kids: The friend who used to be all the fun but now she’s all gone a bit boring and stale since family life took over! Long gone are the nights out as these have been swapped with coffee, on a Saturday morning… just before they have to pick up their child from football.  Of course you don’t resent your mates marital bliss… you just sometimes wanna play with the old friend you had!


The plan B: Never ever admit they are your back up plan friend! But alas they’re that friend who you can rely on to fill a hole when your first choice friend bailed on you! Make sure you make them feel like number one when you do invite them to that ‘thing’ they totally were not invited to! Also be aware that you could also be someone’s reserve friend! It works both ways.


The all seeing eye: This friend is queen bee for gossip and being all up in everyone’s business whether she’s invited or not! They also have loose lips so be careful what you share with them. You enjoy spending time with them to gain all the juicy news, but you are very wary of their loyalty even though they protest way too much about keeping a secret!

So which category do you fall into??

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