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Written by Lizzie on March 5, 2014

Takeaway Pizza Offers

All too often getting a takeaway can set you back a serious fraction of your weekly budget. Especially if you’re feeding a family, it can cost almost the same amount as eating out. It’s enough to send you back to the fridge to search a bit harder. But the thing is, with longer working hours, less disposable income and more readily available entertainment at home, us Brits are spending more time on our sofas. Pizza can get pricey so we still consider it a treat, but that doesn’t seem to stop us ordering in from time to time. The pizza business in the UK is doing well, with giants like Dominos raking in sales in an otherwise very difficult market. The pizza boom means there are codes and offers for all sorts of collection and delivery deals, with businesses wanting to reward loyal customers and saving you serious money. It may be cheaper than you think. So next time you here that age old question: “Can we get pizza for tea?” the answer can be a stress-free “Yes!”.

Here’s a bit of background for you. The origins of pizza can be traced way back to the Greeks, who first started topping their pitta breads with olive oil, cheese and fresh herbs back in the Byzantine era. Later, the Neapolitans of Italy got hold of the idea, and pizza became an Italian national dish around 1890. Starting with traditional toppings (mozzarella, tomato and basil – the colours of the Italian flag), pizza gathered popularity worldwide after the second world war when soldiers returned home after their tours abroad. Shortly after, pizzerias began popping up in big cities – a trend that has continued to grow, with over 70,000 in the USA alone as of 2013. Back in the UK, Dominos now have 777 shops, and command around 26% of the market, with Pizza Hut coming in a close second with 25%. Both pizza kings make every type of pizza going, from stuffed crust to italian thin, with jalapenos, sweet chilli chicken, bbq sauce and all sorts of other toppings hailing from all around the globe. Just this week at Pizza Hut, you can use our code to buy a cheeseburger (cheeseburger!) pizza with any two sides for just £19.49. Takeaway fusion!

What else is on the menu? Well, this week here at PCUK we have an exclusive code that’ll get you a whopping £5 off a £20 spend at Dominos. That’ll get you your pizza and a few extras for as low as £15! Find the code listed on our Dominos page. Not only that, but spend just £15 and you can get a free Domino’s cookie for your pudding. That’s a pretty great deal, just be sure to enter our code at checkout. Aside from the codes, if you’re a student, spend over £25 and you can save 25%. Gather your friends, grab a DVD and dive in!

Another way to cash in when it comes to takeaways is to order outside of peak hours. If you’re determined to treat yourself but have a limited budget, swap your indulgent evening from a weekend to a Monday or Tuesday. Deals are better value and more frequent on week days or in the afternoons, for example, you can currently grab 50% off all pizzas when you spend £15 or more at Pizza Hut Monday to Friday before 6pm. On Tuesdays, they’ll serve you buy one get one free on all medium and large pizzas until April 20th. Plus, if classic flavours are your thing, you can order from a restricted menu of five special pizzas anytime and pay only a fiver for it. If time and menu restrictions aren’t to your taste though, don’t worry. Spend £35 anytime you want on any menu item and you can save 50% with our code, or save 40% off orders over £30. Check out all the latest codes over on our Pizza Hut page.

So next time you’re thinking of treating yourself, do you research. Find yourself a great deal and you can fill your belly and feel great about it too!

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