24 May

Written by Kathryn Vercillo on May 24, 2010

One way that consumers can reduce their annual spending is to bundle services that they currently receive separate bills for. A popular package is to bundle home broadband services with digital television and a home phone. These three bills then become one bill and you save money on the total cost of all three services. In fact, you can save an average of £210 per year by bundling these three services instead of keeping them separate.

A lot of people do currently bundle these services. However, approximately one third of home broadband users currently do not bundle. Are they all wasting money? Well, it depends.

Customers who already have all three services should definitely bundle. However, a broadband customer who doesn’t have digital TV or a landline phone may find that adding those services costs more than bundling them will save. As more and more people begin to watch their favorite TV shows online, the need for digital TV in addition to a broadband service is declining. And as more and more people turn off their landlines and just keep their mobile phone service, it may not make sense to leave this in the bundle.

At the current time, bundling these three services does make a lot of financial sense. If you use all three services, why not save money and give yourself the convenience of paying only one bill at a time? However, be sure to check back with yourself about these services as time goes on to make sure that you still need all 3 services that you’re paying for.

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    June 1st, 2010

    To be honest, most of these bundles aren’t all they’re cracked up to. Sure, you might get you broadband or line rental for free but most of the digital television suppliers really crank up the price on the viewing packages. In the end, to the get the best offerings you’ll still be paying roughly what you paid before you bought a bundle.

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