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Written by Kristin on April 13, 2015

Dollarphotoclub_41067748National Experience Week starts today, and runs through the 19th April. That means it’s time to enjoy your family and friends and get out and do something new! What it doesn’t mean is having to spend loads of money to do it. Whilst experience day sites are brilliant for finding activities, you don’t necessarily need to drop £100 or more to do an exotic driving experience or fly in a helicopter over London.

Even something as small as trying out a new restaurant, taking a class and learning a new skill, or driving to the next town and going on a stroll through a new park counts! Over at Into the Blue, they’re running a fantastic competition, where you could win every experience on your wishlist on their site (up to £1000 value). The competition ends 23 April, so be sure to enter ASAP and check out the details here.

If you’re ready to get out and have fun this week, take a look at five ideas that won’t cost you a fortune.

  1. Take a course: Whether it’s painting, photography, dance, yoga, cookery … there are loads of new things you could learn to do this spring. At Into the Blue, you could choose ballroom lessons for two for just £29, a chocolate making workshop in London for £36.75, or a three-hour introductory fencing course for £35.
  2. Try a new food: Step outside of your comfort zone and eat something you’ve never tried before, whether it’s sushi or something more basic you just never thought you’d like. If you really don’t want to spend money on a night out, find a new recipe and learn to cook it at home. Pinterest is a great resource for this. Check out our groceries codes for stores like Tesco and save even more on your culinary adventure!
  3. Get outdoors: Even if you’re not the greatest at sport, chances are there’s a new skill you’d love to try out. Fancy a Katniss Everdeen experience? Into the Blue offer a variety of archery lessons available nationwide, from just £20. Always wanted to rock climb? Do it from £50 for a half-day experience in Kent. Or, get wet and wild with a white water rafting experience, with options across the UK from £29.
  4. Be a tourist at home: Chances are, even if you’ve lived in the same place your whole life, there’s a nearby attraction, park, museum or stately home you’ve never visited. Queue up with the tourists and have a fab time learning about something new! Looking for a discount? Check out 365 Tickets.
  5. Get adventurous: Face your fears and try something that might terrify you … and give you the biggest adrenaline rush ever! How about a helicopter flight? For £59, you can take a 12-mile sightseeing flight at your choice of location (select from 20+ areas nationwide). If you’re not quite ready to hit the skies, a voucher for indoor skydiving (£49 at Into the Blue) ticks all the boxes for a crazy experience without most of the risks.

What are you doing to celebrate National Experience Week? Share with us in the comments or over on Twitter at @Twit_Codes!



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