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Written by Kayleigh on July 8, 2016

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This week has been a bit different as I’ve not been on my normal scouting trips for reduced to clear items. I have so many items on my stockpile that I just don’t have any room at the moment. I’m finding it very difficult to resist the urge but I have to for now.

Finally though, it looks as if coupons are making a comeback and there are a few good sites that you can use to find them. My favourites are SuperSavvyMe and Caring Everyday, which have recently added some new coupons. Simply have a look through and see if there are any for products you use. Then just print them out and do your supermarket comparison and find where you can maximise your saving.

Be aware of the expiry date that is printed on them, as it is normally around two weeks from when you print but this can change. If you’re not planning on doing your coupon shop straight away then hold off printing until you are ready. Just don’t leave it too long as sometimes there are a limited amount and when they are gone they are gone.

There’s a new coupon site that’s just appeared which is run by P&G, so they will be manufacturer coupons. It is called www.victoria.co.uk. If you scroll down to the coupons you will find printable offers for some of their products.

There is currently an on-pack coupon running for Volvic water. Look out for multi-packs – they will have a yellow piece on the wrapper that tells you how to claim your free bottle. These are the promotional packs. If you purchase one of these, go online to www.volvicoffers.com and enter the barcode number from the pack. It will then let you print a coupon for a free bottle of Volvic plain or fruity water. Keep hold of the wrapping from your promotional pack just in case you are asked for it. The offer is running until the end of this year or until 15,000 free water vouchers have been claimed.

I’m a big fan of jewellery but I don’t wear it often enough to justify spending money on it. I love anything handmade too as I love the personal touch, so when I find handmade jewellery at brilliant prices I’m in heaven – which is what I came across this week. I discovered a fabulous lady on Twitter from Glasgow called Starkissed Jewellery. She has an online Etsy shop with some beautiful rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings and necklaces and they are all fab prices, starting from £2.57 and going up to £10. She also does custom orders.

I found an anklet I liked but I also liked a skull charm that was on a bracelet, so I sent her a message and asked if she could make me something with these elements. She said she would and a few days later sent me a picture and asked what I thought. It was perfect and exactly what I wanted. She made a three-chain anklet with red beads and the skull charm. I couldn’t believe the price – it was just £2.99 plus £1 shipping. I will definitely be ordering from her again. Make sure to give her a look if you love handmade jewellery like me.

I decided this week that I needed a desk to help me become more organised. I knew what I wanted but I only had a £20 budget. As I’ve never bought a desk before I was surprised at how expensive they can be so I turned to the brilliant Gumtree and found just what I was looking for. I found a white slim line desk that was originally £60 from Ikea, but on the site they were asking for £25. This was out of my price range but it was perfect for what I needed so I contacted them and after they disclosed there was a few marks on it, I very politely asked if they were open to offers or if it was a fixed price.

After a little negotiation and factoring in my travel they said I could have it for £18. The marks on the top weren’t a problem as I went and got a piece of wallpaper sample from B&Q – a beautiful white and pale blue stripe with glitter. It covered the marks brilliantly and didn’t cost me a penny. My fab hubby then bought me a vase and some flowers home from his work to put on the desk. I also dragged an old wooden chair out from the garage and painted it using some pale blue satinwood paint from my mum. It now looks beautiful and is just what I wanted. Apart from the cost of the desk, everything else was free.

With my stockpile full to the brim and me on a self-imposed bargain hunt ban for a little while, I need to get organised and do some stock rotation. If you would like to learn how to stockpile and how to manage your stockpile, then keep your eye out for Tuesday’s blog post.

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