29 Oct

Written by Kathryn Vercillo on October 29, 2010

Some people thrive off of competition. If that sounds like you then perhaps you might be interested in the DUEL savings bank. This two-sided piggy bank allows two different people to start filling up the bank with their own change. The heavier side will tilt the piggy bank to show which one of you is saving more. It’s a fun little way for you to challenge someone else to a savings competition.

One option would be to challenge a spouse to savings. This would encourage both of you to work together to save more money but with a fun little competitive twist thrown in. Make a prize for the winner. For example, whoever fills up their side of the piggy bank faster might win a back rub, their choice of activity for date night or a turn off from household chores.

This dual-sided piggy bank would also be a great way to challenge your children to save money. Pit siblings against each other in a friendly competition to see which child can save more. Use this as a stepping stone to talk about the importance of saving. One reward might be to allow each child to purchase a small item for themselves when one side of the bank is full. This teaches kids the value of money and that you can get more when you save more.

Of course, frugal people might not want to pay for the real DUEL savings bank. It is nice because it has a white porcelain exterior on which you can write the names of each dueling partner. This can be erased and changed easily. However, you could easily DIY this type of project as well. Use glass jars and place them side by side to see whose fills up faster. If you like the weight option then you could place the jars on small kitchen scales although bear in mind that heavier money doesn’t necessarily mean more especially since bills weigh more than coins.

Have fun!

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