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Written by Kayleigh on September 6, 2016

last min summer

Everyone knows just how expensive booking a summer holiday can be – from hotel stays to flights to luggage, and let’s not forget the spending money. Booking a summer vacation can often turn into an endless money pit. While a break away is often needed and those wonderful memories with your family are priceless, it can often be a hard road before and after your holiday due to saving the money that you need.

Depending on where you plan on going, booking last minute is not always an option and in that case it’s better to book in advance – travel agents can sometimes have some great deals way ahead of time.

You often have to pay a deposit when booking, which isn’t normally a huge amount. You can then pay off the remaining balance as and when you want, as long as it’s paid a couple of weeks before you go. If you don’t have the money upfront to book a last minute deal and need to save beforehand, then this is a great way to do it. Make small cut backs in other areas and pay off more of the holiday as you go. Obviously this is only an option if you can afford to do it – there’s no point stretching yourself too far to pay for a holiday that you really can’t afford.

Lately I’ve noticed that booking last minute doesn’t always give you the best deal, especially when it comes to flights. Often the cheaper prices don’t include baggage allowance. This can be great if you’re off on a mini break and can just take hand luggage but if you’re not and you’re a big family, this can work out pricey. The average check-in bag costs £30.50, so before you choose your destination have a look around for flights in advance and see what deals you can find.

There are a couple of great online sites to use for finding last minute breaks. Booking.com is one of my favourites – I love this site as it shows you all of the available rooms, lodges, apartments etc. and how many are there to book. They are all for last minute breaks and the prices reflect this, as they are a lot cheaper. A lot of places would rather have full rooms paying lower prices than empty rooms. A number of places don’t require payment upfront either – you simply book your chosen deal and then pay when you stay.

Another great site is Group.com – you can find some brilliant mini breaks available all over the world, from London to Iceland. There are loads of available deals. One thing I will say though is always read the fine print before paying anything as sometimes the price you see isn’t the final price, there can be extra costs involved. They are usually all written in the fine print so by making sure you read it all, you can get a good idea of the final cost.

When you have to factor in school holidays it’s not always possible to book last minute. We all know the cost of breaks rocket during the school holidays so in my opinion if you have children, go down the travel agent route. Book early and shop around for the best deal, then start saving money for everything you need rather than paying one massive expense in one go.

If you want to go away without the kids and you have some flexibility with the date you go, then definitely see what you can get last minute – there are some great deals to be found with a little bit of searching. You could uncover some real holiday gems.

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