11 Oct

Written by Kristin on October 11, 2016


Christmas always needs decorations – it just makes everything more exciting and real.

Now I have children, Christmas in our house has become exciting all over again and putting up decorations can be a real family thing.

My boys love decorating the tree and we are lucky enough to be able to get a big 7 foot real tree every year through my husband’s work for the bargain price of £20. I’ve always loved real trees; they make so much mess but it’s worth it.

Having the tree is one thing but having the decorations to cover it is another and here’s where you can get creative and use your bargain hunting skills.

As with a lot of holidays the best time to buy decorations is the weeks after and save them for the next year. It is amazing how much money you save by doing this, you can pick packs of baubles and tree ornaments up for at least 75% off in some places. So that’s the time to buy.

Always plan for the next Christmas and that way you are on top and organised. It takes the stress out of Christmas and helps you keep track of your spending.

The DIY approach to decorations is a great way of saving money and you can also put your own stamp on items.

Why not make your own door wreath, this is something my mum does every year. It helps that she used to be a florist but it’s really not difficult. Pick up supplies from places like The Range, Home Bargains and even local florist shops. One of the best sites to get Christmas inspiration from is Pinterest. You will find endless ideas and tutorials from all over the internet, pick a few you like and give it a try.

Another great place to find tutorials and ideas is YouTube. There’s a tutorial for everything and Christmas is no exception from cakes to make your own and how to – you can find just about anything Christmas related.

By turning it into a family craft session, the kids will love seeing their own decorations hanging up and they will have so much more meaning than store brought items. You are making memories at the same time and that is priceless.

One of the important things to remember is storage for your decorations. This can sometimes be forgotten about and if you store your decorations properly they will be good year after year saving you even more money.

The perfect thing to use is the plastic boxes with the sealable lids. They come is all shapes and sizes and are great for keeping items clean and safe. I use them for my Halloween items and my Christmas items. Don’t forget to label the boxes though or it could take a while to find the one you want.

Christmas is about family and fun so why not combine the two and get crafty?

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