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Written by Kayleigh on December 16, 2016

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That special day is fast approaching and before you know it, it will be done and gone. If you’re all finished shopping, then well done but if you’re not then don’t panic there’s still plenty of time.

This week I’ve been busy picking up the last few presents for my boys. I’ve still got a few bits left to get for my husband but other than that I’m all done. My next challenge is Christmas dinner.

There’s a few ways I can save on Christmas dinner by calling in a few favours. My mums friends always get given a turkey at work, she works in a chicken factory and every employee gets a turkey at Christmas. However, she doesn’t eat it so has very kindly said we can have it for Christmas day. So I’ve saved myself around £20 there.

The veg all comes from a customer of my husbands. He always does us a dinner veg box for a fraction of what it would cost to buy in the supermarket, so we save money on that. Also, looking out for yellow sticker items that you can freeze really helps. Last year I paid just £10 for the entire dinner and I had plenty left over veg for the rest of Christmas.

I did break my self-imposed ban on charity shops yesterday, but I’m glad I did. I decided not to visit any for a little bit just so I could focus on getting Christmas organised, but my mum and I were bargain shopping yesterday, and as I’m very nearly sorted for Christmas, I couldn’t resist (and I’m so glad it didn’t). I found shoes, jackets, jeans, jumpers even a beautiful new scarf. My mum found 2 new beautiful handbags for just £2.50 each. I didn’t spend any more than £20 and I got a bag full of new items.

The best buy was a beautiful pair of silver glitter boots, which were brand new and still with tags on. They still had the price sticker on with £29.99, and they have never been worn. They were my size so I snapped them up for just £5.

Best bargain of the day.

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