20 Dec

Written by Kayleigh on December 20, 2016


This year has been a bumper year of coupons, bargains, and deals. Week after week I’ve found unmissable items and I’m hoping 2017 will be just as good if not better.

One of the biggest bargains of the year has to be Christmas.

I’ve saved around £850 and stuck to my £550 budget but I don’t get a break because before the turkey is even cold, the sales will have begun and that’s the perfect time to start buying for next year.

I’ve said this so many times but buying throughout the year for Christmas, catching sales and voucher codes and saving items till Christmas really will save you so much. Keep a running total though as it can be easy to forget what you have bought. Without that will have no idea how much you have spent and you run the risk of overspending.

The other things sales are good for is birthday presents for your children and even for parties they are invited to throughout the year – sort of having a toy stockpile. That way, when your little one comes home with another party invite you have the present already covered.

I’m not making New Year resolutions, as inevitably by the middle of January I will have broken one, so instead I’m setting myself manageable goals.

One of these is to use cash back apps more. I’m more a fan of coupons but you can’t argue with the amount of money you can save using them and you also bypass all the hassle of checkout at the tills with your coupons. I’m not turning my back of coupons I’m just going to try something new.

New Year means new starts so start as you mean to go on and have a great 2017.

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