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Written by Kayleigh on January 10, 2017

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Dieting and budgeting don’t always go hand in hand as it’s well known that healthier choices can often come with a bigger price tag.

With the New Year, there’s always the same resolution that this year I will lose weight but in all honesty New Year is one of the worst times to decide to embark on this journey. This is usually down to it being a hasty decision after the guilt of the Christmas over eat.

But if it’s something you seriously want to do then don’t rush, do your research and pick the best diet plan for you.

Not all diet plans work for all people so doing your research to find the best fit for you is important. I was planning to lose the baby weight I gained from having my boys this year but I’ve had to change my plan, all will be revealed soon, so for this post I’m going to use my mum as an example.

She has lost weight over the last 12 months and has managed to do it all without increasing her shopping budget. Fad diets or diets that involve expensive shakes and supplements aren’t always necessary to achieve your desired result, and my mum is walking proof to that fact.

For as long as I can remember my mum has been on some kind of diet. She has always had a problem with her weight but you wouldn’t know it. She carries herself and dresses beautifully but to her she’s always wanted to lose weight.

When setting, her weight loss goal she’s always been realistic, setting unrealistic goals for yourself can have an adverse effect on your journey.

She’s swears by the old Slimming World diet which is all about cutting out the rubbish and replacing with healthier choices, ensuring you eat three meals a day and allowing yourself to have treats by following a syn value.

She follows red days where you have meals including meat and green days the following day where you have vegetable based meals.

I find that with processed foods being cheaper it can be easier to spend more but with a healthier option you may not need as much and when a bunch of bananas costs less than a four pack of chocolate bars, then which is the better deal?

Packs of veg can be picked up for as little at 45p and there’s always enough to do a couple of meals.

One of the things my mum does when writing her shopping list is to write what she would of brought and the price and then write a healthier option and compare prices.

By doing this she can see that she really doesn’t have to increase her shopping budget to eat better.

Of course, it all comes down to personal preference but you really can eat healthier and lose weight without increasing your spending.

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