17 Feb

Written by Kayleigh on February 17, 2017

Friday Blog

This week the Sun Super days started again and the first place to collect tokens for is Chessington World of Adventures. We loved it so much last year and we saved so much while visiting using free tickets, 50% off a hotel stay and cheap next day tickets, so we decided to do it again. It’s up to Token 6 now, so there’s only 4 more to go, but by the looks of things there’s plenty more free tickets for days out to be had. After a little bit of digging here’s the token start dates for the ones I found:

* Saturday 18th March- Tuesday 4th April, Alton Towers Resort

* Sunday 9th April-Wednesday 26th April, Shrek’s Adventure London

* Sunday 9th April- Wednesday 26th April, The London Dungeon

* Saturday 22nd April-Tuesday 9th May, Thorpe Park Resort

* Saturday 20th May-Tuesday 6th June, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

* Saturday 17th June-Tuesday 4th July, Warwick Castle

* Saturday 9th September-Tuesday 26th September, Sea life

* Saturday 28th October-Tuesday 14th November, Madame Tussauds

For most of these you will need to collect 10 tokens from 10 different papers and exchange them for 2 free tickets. However this may not be the case for all of them, so if there’s one or more that you fancy doing make sure you don’t miss the first paper, as it will tell you what you have to do.

Now that Valentine’s Day has past, it’s a good time to pick up reduced items that you can either keep till next year or pick up reduced chocolate as they can be used as gifts or just as a treat for you. I popped into WhSmiths yesterday and picked up a few packs of sweets and chocolates, which had been reduced to 50p, so it’s worth looking around.

Wilkinson’s currently have their pick and mix on offer for ½ the normal price as its half term. I went into my local one yesterday and took advantage of the offer, but I have been told by a few people that they have been into their local ones and they haven’t got any left. Talking to a lady in my store, she said that they had an overstock so they were fine. If you find they are out of stock, just ask, as it may be a case of them not being able to keep up with the demand.

Boots still seem to have some great reduced to clear items. I picked up 30 cartons of toddler milk for my son yesterday for 10p each. They are normally 85p, so it would of cost £25.50, but I paid just £3.00. I also picked up a Batiste dry shampoo for just £1.00. I did notice that the clearance stand had been moved from the till area, but I found it down by the pharmacy section. So if you noticed that the one in your store has moved, it won’t be far away just have a wander and you will find it.

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